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Ford F-150 Lightning EV: Preview

Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford is entering the EV Truck space with a solid offering in the all-new F-150 Lightning

By Gary Smith (Contributing Author) | Published on September 8th, 2021 | Last Updated on
By Gary Smith (Contributing Author)
Published on September 8th, 2021. Last Updated on .

With the rise of the electric vehicle movement, it is no surprise to see larger automotive manufacturers, such as Ford, integrate electric options into their existing lineup. With new EPA restrictions and goals of becoming less dependent on natural resources, Ford has been one of the leaders in EV implementation.

While most of their electric car lineup has gained great popularity, the new F1-50 electric truck has caused quite a stir for car enthusiasts. The fact that the truck is going to feature an EV drivetrain is not so much the issue, the bigger issue is that Ford is bringing back the classic Lightning name for this vehicle. While this seems like the perfect name for the electric truck, the Lightning’s earlier generations sported some high horsepower V8 engines. Nevertheless, the Ford F-150 electric truck is sure to be a hit for the general public, and today, we will look at many of the great features you can expect to see on this truck.

F-150 Electric Truck Design

At first glance, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is not going to look too different from other models in their lineup. Yes, there are standout features that we will touch on in a bit, but for the most part, it is going to look like any other new F-150. This was a good move from Ford as many manufacturers design electric vehicles to look so unique, they sometimes lose their appeal. Ford did a great job making the new Lightning look similar to other trim levels in the 2022 lineup.


Starting at the front of the truck, one of the standout features is going to be the full-length LED running light that goes across the grille and follows the curvature of the LED headlights. This is going to be the tell-tell sign that you are looking at the new 2022 Lightning. This adds a unique look, never before seen on any other truck. A special grille and bumper design will also be standard on the Lightning, giving your electric truck even more great looks to stand out from the crowd. If I was a betting man, I would expect that the full-length running light will be an aftermarket part that non-Lightning owners will want to get their hands on.

Getting a side view of the 2022 Lightning, excluding the wheels, you cannot tell much difference from a non-electric F-150. The styling cues of all of the new F-150s are very similar and really keep the classic F-150 look intact. One thing you will notice is the larger Lightning emblem on the fender that has a nice embossment surround. Another Lightning badge will be located on the rear of the bed as a nod to the classic first generation Ford Lightning decals located in the same area.

Moving toward the rear of the Lightning, the first thing that stands out is a full-length brake light, similar to the front running light. This is another great new feature found on the Ford Lightning and it really helps to tie together the shape and style of the taillights. The tailgate will get the same classic F-150 embossing as seen on newer trucks to keep your Lightning branded in the same fashion as its predecessors.

Lastly, the wheels are going to be unique for the Lightning, and will feature the same EV-style wheels seen on many other vehicles in the industry. Ford has done a great job making them look sporty, but with the following that the Ford Lightning has, I am sure that we will see many enthusiasts swapping these wheels out for an aftermarket set to really make their Lightning stand out. The brushed aluminum surface with black painted windows gives great contrast and follows the styling cues of the F-150 factory wheels seen on other trim levels.


If you have ever driven a 1st or 2nd generation Lightning, you know that Ford kept the interior relatively simple and merely added a few custom touches to the truck to make it more unique. Custom seats were one of the biggest features found in earlier Lightnings as they were sportier and displayed a stitched Lightning branding in the seats. Taking a look at the 2022 Lightning, you can see no expense was spared for this truck.

When stepping inside this full-size truck, you are most likely going to be attracted to the large 15.5-inch vertical display. This is going to be a huge upgrade compared to the 8-inch touchscreen that comes standard and even the 12-inch screen that is offered as an upgrade for higher-end models. This screen is going to allow for quick and easy “over-the-air” updates to keep your truck up to date. It will also feature Intelligent Range, which suggests the best charging locations while you are on the road. It will monitor payload weights and adjust the current range to give you real-time readings of how much charge you have left. You can also control BlueCruise, think Tesla's Autopilot function, straight from the screen.

From the initial photos that we have seen, it looks like Ford opted to not include Lightning specific seats, but instead, use the very comfortable Platinum level seats and interior features. This makes perfect sense as the Lightning is a Platinum level F-150. This will also include the large Platinum leather-covered center console for great storage and the fold-down gear selector for additional room.

The 2022 Lightning also got the famous Ford 12” digital instrument cluster that further adds to the luxury feel of this interior. This instrument cluster has been used by Ford on their more upscale models for years now and is the perfect addition for an EV truck.

F150 Electric Truck Performance:

Here is where things get a little controversial for die-hard Lightning enthusiasts. For those who are unaware, the Generation 1 and Generation 2 Ford Lightnings have a sort of “cult” following as they were specialty trucks that have a huge aftermarket following to this day.

The Gen 1 Lightning sported a hefty 5.8L V8 that would churn out nearly 300 horsepower in most cases. The Gen 2 Lightning sports a 5.4L supercharged engine that could easily put out over 400 horsepower. These trucks screamed American muscle and were highly sought after for their great performance.

With the return of the Lightning, one could see why an electric motor could be a slap in the face for Lightning enthusiasts, but there is a kick. The electric motor in the 2022 Ford Lightning is nothing to bat an eye at. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect in the power department.

F-150 Electric Truck Engine Specs

Ford is going to equip this new truck with two different options for battery packs: a Standard Range pack and an Extended Range pack. Each Lightning will get a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive drivetrain which is sure to be fun both on and off-road.

Standard Range Pack:

Horsepower: 426
Torque: 775

Range: 230 Miles


Extended Range Pack:

Horsepower: 563
Torque: 775

Range: 300 Miles

F-150 Electric Truck Pricing:

Ford has released preliminary pricing on the 2022 Ford Lightning, but you will still see extra charges once you start adding different features.

Entry Model: Starting At $39,974 MSRP

XLT: Starting At $52,974 MSRP

Fully Loaded: Up To $90,474

F-150 Electric Truck Features

The new 2022 F-150 Lightning is going to be fully equipped with the latest and greatest technology and features. Let's take a closer look at some of the more standout features Ford has integrated into the truck.

100% Electric

Ford has really outdone itself in its first run of an EV truck. They have built the smartest, most connected F-150 they have ever built, packing it with all types of features. This truck will feature everything from instantaneous torque to Ford Intelligent BackUp Power, making it one of the most practical trucks on the market.

Advanced Technology

Ford wanted to build a truck that had all of the latest technology you wanted and never knew you needed. These technologies not only make your driving experience better, but they can enhance the performance of your truck and business. Enjoy over-the-air software updates, powerful chagrin solutions, and FordPass Integration. The FordPass Integration will allow you to have remote access to your truck and communication with the Ford Connected Charge Station and the Ford Charge Station Pro at home for seamless access to public charging.

Intelligent Range

The Intelligent Range feature is going to allow your truck to always be learning how your truck uses energy in various conditions. It will accurately calculate range with the weather, traffic, grade, payload, towing weights, and more factored in. You can easily stay in the know with updated estimated range in whatever conditions you may be in.

Power My Trip

Using the FordPass Power My Trip feature, your truck will use the Ford Sync program to plan your trip for you. It takes into consideration the current charge, your energy usage, and the surrounding charging stations en route to your destination to allow you to make the necessary stops without having to plan out your trip manually. You can also save your favorite routes, find alternate charging stations, and much more.

Phone As A Key

Since just about everyone keeps their phone on them at all times, Ford has integrated the Phone As A Key feature to allow you to have access and to be able to start your truck straight from your phone. While this is not a new technology for Ford, it is definitely something worth mentioning on the new F-150 Lightning truck.


While the 2022 Lightning is getting a little flack from hardcore Ford enthusiasts, the truck is sure to be a great performer for Ford and transform the way we look at EV trucks. It seems that Ford has really thought of everything when it comes to this truck and I am excited to start seeing them on the road.

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