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Based on the answers you provided, we believe the following resources will help you on your car buying journey.

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Cheat Sheets

Download our cheat sheets covering the how-to’s of buying, negotiating, and leasing.

OTD Calculator

Get an estimated Out-the-door Price so you know how much you’ll pay with all taxes and fees included.

Email Templates

Pre-written scripts you can use to communicate with dealers to save time before heading to the dealership.

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LeasePro Consult

$75 per 30-min live session

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Connect with an industry expert at your convenience.

1:1 Consultation: Get guidance customized to your lease needs
Negotiation: Master lease deal negotiations with proven tactics and data
Know the contract: Understand complex lease terms clearly
Financial Savvy: Grasp key lease elements for a beneficial deal (money factor and residuals)
Mileage and Maintenance: Plan ahead to avoid unexpected costs
Empowered Choices: Make confident leasing decisions with expert insights

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We do it with you

LeasePro Coach

$99 monthly subscription

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Continuous professional guidance to navigate your leasing journey with ease.

Expert Live Advice: Personalized leasing guidance via chat/email
Negotiation Help: Know the best payment to achieve maximized savings
Lease Agreement Help: Continuous assistance with complex lease terms
Financial Guidance: Ongoing help with vital lease financial elements (money factor/residual)
Mileage/Maintenance Planning: Regular advice to prevent unexpected costs
Confident Decisions: Enjoy peace of mind with continuous expert insights
Discounted Calls: Save on LeasePro Consult sessions
Flexibility: Cancel anytime after securing your lease, no strings attached

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CarEdge Help

Why LeasePro Consult?

We believe you’ll benefit most from talking with one of our CarEdge coaches to create the best plan for you moving forward.

With CarEdge Consult, you’ll feel empowered to take the next steps in your car buying journey without second guessing yourself.

Why people love us

CarEdge Coach Testimonial
CarEdge Coach Testimonial
CarEdge Coach Testimonial

Frequently asked questions

What can we discuss during a Consult call?

Simply put, we can help you with anything related to your car deal. We can determine how to best negotiate the out-the-door price, trade-in, financing, insurance and warranties. It’s your time with your Car Coach!

How can I contact my CarEdge Coach?
You will receive an invite from Calendly with instructions and a link to a Google Meet video call.
How long are Consult calls?

Each Consult call is 30 minutes.

Who will I speak to?

You will speak to one of our CarEdge Car Coaches. All of our coaches are professionals with years of experience in the auto industry. They know car buying better than anyone, and they’re eager to help you save money.

How should I prepare for my Consult Call?

Understand your needs, do some preliminary research, prepare questions, and send us any out-the-door quotes you’ve received to consults@caredge.com. Most importantly, have a way to take notes during our call!

Can I have follow-up calls with my CarEdge Coach?

Each call includes two follow-up emails that you may send to consults@caredge.com. If you are a CarEdge Coach member, you can reach out via Live Chat anytime.

Can I record the Consult Call for future reference?
Yes, you can ask the Coach to record the call. Reach out to consults@caredge.com prior to the call so we know to set it up.
Can I have multiple Consult Calls for different vehicles I'm interested in?
You have 30 minutes with a Coach to go over anything you need regarding your vehicle purchase, even if it is about two or more vehicles.
What if I need more time?
Each call is 30 minutes. You can schedule as many Consult calls as you like. However, if you expect to need significantly more time, you may want to upgrade to our CarEdge Coach plan, which includes more access to Coaches via live chat. Coach members also receive a discount on Consult calls.