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Meet 1:1 with a CarEdge Coach via video or phone call

Vehicle research

Negotiations & deal review

Finance & insurance

Vehicle Research

Vehicle research

  • Assistance to identify the best vehicle for your needs
  • Determine how much you can afford
  • Locate and find the car you want
Negotiation and deal review

Negotiations & deal review

  • How to contact the dealership
  • Review deal worksheets from the dealership
  • Determine a fair market value for the vehicle you want
Finance and insurance help

Finance & insurance

  • Lease vs. finance
  • Learn how to get the best APR
  • Extended warranty, GAP, and protection package questions

Get money-saving advice

Video consultations with CarEdge Coaches are quick, easy, and efficient. We are here to help you!
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Meet with a CarEdge Coach. $50 per 15-minute live session Learn more →
  • Connect live on video or call.
  • Get live advice on any part of the buying process.
  • Ask us anything about your journey.


Partner with a dedicated CarEdge Coach.

$99 one time, 3 months access

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  • Your coach will guide and assist through your journey.
  • Access to all premium resources, like Deal School 3.0, dealer auction values, Black Book values, and Market Analysis.
  • Learn how to buy a car with leverage and confidence.


A CarEdge Coach as your dedicated concierge.

$999 one-time

  • Concierge handles all communication with dealer.
  • We negotiate the selling price, trade in, financing, warranties and insurance.
  • We listen, do the leg work and secure your deal.


Members-only discounts and savings for all things auto.

$120 per year

  • Exclusive discounts up to 25% on maintenance & repairs from Pep Boys and Meineke to neighborhood shops.
  • Schedule, read reviews, compare estimates and select from vetted service centers entirely online.
  • Members-only pricing on consultations, coaching, concierge, and extended warranties.
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Meet your CarEdge Coaches

Ashley NeSmith headshot

Ashley NeSmith joined CarEdge in 2021 after a 20 year career in the auto industry. Her goal is to help customers have a better experience buying a car.

Ashley’s favorite coaching story:

When I educated a member to ask the sales rep to run a vin incentive on a new GMC truck. The sales rep wasn’t applying all the incentives & offers available on the truck. The customer saved thousands!

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Justise Lasley

Justise Lasley joined CarEdge in 2020 after getting tired of watching people get ripped off at the dealership he worked at. Justise is passionate about helping people navigate the dealership experience and level the playing field.

Justise’s coaching super power:

Patience. I know this is many peoples first time buying a car, or first time trying so hard to not get taken advantage of. I will explain the smallest thing, there is no question too small. I want to educate you and help you get a good deal, not just this time but for the rest of your life.

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Kimberly Kline

Kimberly Kline joined CarEdge in 2020 after a 20 year career in the auto industry. She is passionate about increasing consumer confidence during the car buying proess. Kimberly championed the creation of Driven for Women, a community for female identitying members to support one another.

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Mario Rodriguez

Mario Rodriguez joined CarEdge in 2021 after helping hundreds of CarEdge members on the community forum. Mario is passionate about empowering consumers with data they traditionally would not have access to.

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Jennifer Lawinsky

Jennifer Lawinsky joined CarEdge in 2022 and is passsionate about “unraveling mysteries” for people. She loves hearing success stories from members when they save time and money and are empowered for the next time they have to buy a car.

Jennifer’s favorite coaching story:

My favorite customer interactions are when I hear back from customer’s that not only was I able to save them money, but make what seemed like a complicated process simple.


Phil Nader

Phil Nader joined CarEdge in 2021 after watching Ray and Zach on YouTube. With 3 years of experience at Ford Motor Credit, and many years of buying and selling many personal vehicles, Phil is passionate about sharing information to help consumers save time and money.

Phil’s favorite coaching story:

So many, but one that sticks out for me was on a purchase of an EV where a member was over charged by $7,000 and about $4,000 in add-ons. He came to us in a panic not really knowing what he had signed. Keep in mind he is also new to the country. We provided guidance and help to be able to go back after the deal was done to negotiate most of that $7,000 mark up off and remove $3,000 in add-ons. He was forever grateful to have been able to point out where he was taken advantage of. We provided the knowledge and understanding of how to deal with this effectively.

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