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Subaru BRZ Projected Resale Value vs Loan Balance

Year Resale Value Loan Balance Difference
0 $32,526 $32,526 $0 (0%)
1 $27,741 $26,622 +$1,119 (4%)
2 $27,013 $20,430 +$6,583 (24%)
3 $24,118 $13,939 +$10,179 (42%)
4 $21,688 $7,133 +$14,555 (67%)
5 $20,026 $0 +$20,026 (100%)
Loan Term 60 Months
APR 4.75%
Paid in Full Nov, 2025

Monthly Payment


Total Principal $32,526
Total Interest $4,076
Total Cost of Loan $36,602

Subaru BRZ Loan Amortization

Month Interest Principal Balance
Dec, 2020 $128.75 $481.00 $32,045.00
Jan, 2021 $126.84 $483.00 $31,562.00
Feb, 2021 $124.93 $485.00 $31,077.00
Mar, 2021 $123.01 $487.00 $30,590.00
Apr, 2021 $121.09 $489.00 $30,101.00
May, 2021 $119.15 $491.00 $29,610.00

This Subaru BRZ is expected to lose $12,500 of its resale value during the 60 months of this loan. Check out our Subaru BRZ Depreciation Calculator for a detailed analysis of the BRZ's past and expected future depreciation. This user-friendly tool allows you to interactively see how well the BRZ has, and will continue to, hold its value, during your specific ownership period. It will even suggest to you the best BRZ model years to buy to get the best value.

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