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Key replacement coverage at a fraction of the cost.

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We are here to help.

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What is key replacement coverage?

Key replacement coverage acts as a safety net for your car keys, covering the cost of a new set if you lose or misplace them. It offers a hassle-free solution to avoid unexpected expenses and ensures peace of mind, knowing you're protected against the loss of your keys.

You may not need coverage if:

You might not need Key Replacement Coverage if you have spare keys, your car has advanced keyless features, or the cost of replacing a lost key isn't a concern.

Why do people purchase coverage?

Protect Your Wallet

Key Replacement Coverage significantly reduces the cost of replacing high-priced electronic keys.

Expedited Service

Don’t get stuck without your keys. Coverage ensures you receive a new key faster, minimizing wait times without your key.

Peace of Mind

Losing a key is stressful, but even more so if you don’t have a backup plan in place. Many choose to purchase coverage for peace of mind.

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It gave me great piece of mind that I had someone with over 40 years of experience selling cars was helping me buy mine.

The amount of time and aggravation this saved me was worth it alone but on top of that he got me the car I wanted for $4000 under MSRP after fees!

- Brian G.

2023 Chrysler Pacifica Owner


Jerry was FANTASTIC and delivered better than was hoped for! I've already recommended him to someone and will look for more opportunities to tell people in the market about CarEdge's Concierge service!!!

- Jeffrey K.

2023 Toyota Rav4 XLE Owner


I was able to negotiate away the repair costs, security fee, and they adjusted the selling price by $300 to bring the doc fee down to the average.

I am very happy with the purchase and give all the credit to the fantastic information that you’ve made available.

- Charles S.

2018 Jeep Renegade Owner


I was well informed about the process and felt confident that I could control the conversations and get what I wanted in terms of car, trade-in value, and price.

I spent many hours researching and learning from Deal School, the YouTube channel, and 1:1 chatting with CarEdge.

- Karen A.

2023 Audi Q5 Prestige Owner

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Key Replacement Coverage?

Key Replacement Coverage helps you with a reasonable replacement cost if your covered key/remote is lost, stolen, or accidentally destroyed.

What types of keys are covered under Key Replacement Coverage?

The coverage includes keys/remotes provided at the time of vehicle purchase, including replacements obtained under this agreement. However, valet keys or other keys with limited functionality are excluded.

How do I make a claim for Key Replacement?

To make a claim, contact the Administrator as soon as possible. If near the seller, return there for replacement; otherwise, visit any franchised dealer. Non-working keys/remotes must be inspected by the dealer, and the seller must email the replacement order to the company for payment.

Is there a limit to the number of claims I can make?

The coverage limits are $400 per year for Class 1 vehicles (most passenger vehicles) and $800 per year for Class 2 vehicles (more expensive commercial or high-end luxury vehicles). The contract does not specify a limit on the number of claims as long as you stay within this financial cap.

Does Key Replacement Coverage include locksmith services?

Yes, lockout services are included. If you’re locked out of your vehicle, a locksmith will be sent to provide access to the passenger compartment.

Is there a deductible for Key Replacement claims?

The contract includes a $0 deductible per claim.

Are there any exclusions or conditions that would prevent me from receiving coverage?

Exclusions include damage outside the U.S. and Canada, damage covered by other agreements or warranties, manufacturer’s defects, consequential losses, fraudulent claims, unauthorized replacements, weather-related damage, commercial vehicles, acts of God, and war or terrorism.

What happens to my Key Replacement Coverage if I sell my car?

If you sell the vehicle, the coverage terminates. You may apply for a transfer to the new owner within 30 days of sale, with a $50 transfer fee and required documentation. If not transferred, you can notify for a refund of the unearned purchase price.