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Last updated Oct 2, 2023
Toyota resale values

Are you in the market for a new car? If so, it’s important to consider the depreciation rate of the vehicle you’re interested in. Depreciation in vehicles is inevitable, but some cars hold their value better than others. At CarEdge, we’ve analyzed millions of car listings and other automotive data points to provide you with proven data that you can rely on to make informed decisions. Let’s take a closer look at the cars, SUVs and trucks with the best resale value.

Best Brands for Resale Value After 5 Years

Volkswagen ID.4 resale value

Volkswagen: 85.53% resale value after 5 years

Even though they finally had to re-retire the Beetle, Volkswagen scored in the top half of vehicle manufacturers for value retention after 3, 5, and 7 years. See Volkswagen depreciation by model year.

Subaru: 84.41% resale value after 5 years

The low-inventory king is known for reliable all-weather capability at an affordable price. The Forester (#4), Legacy (#20), Crosstrek (#30) and Outback (#36) are all in the top 50 models for resale value. Despite keeping low inventory on dealership lots, Subaru maintains a great reputation for resale value.

Honda: 83.60% resale value after 5 years

The Civic, Accord and redesigned CR-V were all best-sellers in 2022. It’s no coincidence that these same models are in the top resale value rankings. Honda cars and SUVs are known for their longevity, reliability and strong resale value. As Honda finally enters the EV segment later this year with the all-new Honda Prologue, we wonder if their electric vehicles will earn the same great reputation.

Mazda: 83.29% resale value after 5 years

Mazda’s resale values have improved, relative to their peers, and their rankings have climbed to the Top 5 range at all three time intervals. Mazda’s U.S. market share has been steadily rising for years. The Mazda 3, MX-5 Miata, and CX-5 all rank in the top 50 models for resale value.

Toyota: 83.09% resale value after 5 years

Toyota as a brand, does very well in maintaining its value, consistently ranking at the top of popular brands. The Toyota Tacoma, Highlander, 4Runner, Prius and Sequoia all have better-than-average resale value. Compare Toyota resale values here.

Check out this depreciation calculator

Models With the Best Resale Value After 3 Years

subaru resale value
RankModel3 Year Residual Value
1Subaru Forester96.40%
2Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD96.28%
3Ford F-450 Super Duty95.47%
4GMC Sierra 3500HD95.44%
5Mitsubishi Mirage95.26%
6Honda Ridgeline94.22%
7Subaru Crosstrek94.00%
8Dodge Charger93.78%
9GMC Sierra 150093.41%
10Jeep Compass93.24%
11Chevrolet Traverse93.23%
12Chevrolet Spark93.00%
13Dodge Durango92.51%
14Subaru Legacy92.49%
15Toyota Tacoma92.47%
16Ford Explorer92.00%
17Honda Accord92.00%
18Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD91.97%
19Ram 250091.78%
20Nissan Altima91.62%

Source: CarEdge Depreciation Data

Models With the Best Resale Value After 5 Years

Nissan resale value
RankModel5 Year Residual Value
1Nissan Frontier88.55%
2Honda Accord88.00%
3Toyota Tacoma87.58%
4Subaru Forester87.09%
5Ford F-250 Super Duty87.00%
6Volkswagen Tiguan87.00%
7Ford F-350 Super Duty86.95%
8Ford F-15086.75%
9Mazda 386.13%
10Honda Civic86.00%
11Kia Rio86.00%
12Honda Pilot85.95%
13Mazda MX-5 Miata85.80%
14Toyota Highlander85.77%
15GMC Canyon85.33%
16Nissan Versa85.03%
17Toyota 4Runner85.00%
18Toyota Prius85.00%
19GMC Sierra 150084.80%
20Subaru Legacy84.73%

Source: CarEdge Depreciation Data

Compare depreciation between models, all in one spot.

The Power of Data

Depreciation in the value of cars is an inevitable reality, and it can significantly affect a vehicle’s overall cost. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider resale value when buying a car. CarEdge data shows that brands like Volkswagen, Subaru, Honda, Mazda, and Toyota have the best resale value after five years, and they maintain their great reputation for reliability, longevity, and value retention. This information is helpful to make informed decisions while purchasing a vehicle.

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