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Last updated Jun 12, 2024

In June, used car prices are falling as compelling new car incentives and high interest rates slow used car sales. In 2024, the average used car listing price sits at $25,571. With used car prices remaining volatile, it’s never been more important to track the value of your car.

So far in 2024, we’ve seen 15 weeks of dropping prices, and 8 weeks of rising prices. However, some used car segments are still falling faster than others. Let’s take a look at the details.

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Used Car Prices – June 2024 Update

What types of used cars are dropping, which are increasing? Is now a good time to buy a used car? Should you sell your car now, or wait for prices to go back up? Let’s answer those questions and more.

According to the latest used car market data from Black Book, the used car market is stabilizing at wholesale markets. When will retail used car prices drop? We’ll get into that below. First, let’s take a closer look at wholesale prices last week.

Is the car bubble bursting? Let’s look at the data.

This week, wholesale used car prices fell -0.71%, compared to -0.49% last week. This is the largest one-week drop since January. After months of ups and downs, we have good news to report: used car prices are falling again.

used car prices in June 2024

Which used car prices are falling most? Let’s take a look at the latest data from Black Book.

Used car prices (wholesale sedans)

The overall car segment fell by -0.76%, compared to a decrease of -0.34% last week. All car segments dropped last week. Sub-compact and mid-size car prices decreased the most.

used car prices in June 2024

Used Truck Prices (Wholesale)

Used truck prices are falling in June 2024. The overall truck segment fell last week by -0.69%. That’s compared to a decrease of -0.55% the week before.

June 2024 Truck/SUV Price Trends. Source: Black Book

Since the onset of the pandemic, full-size vans have appreciated more than 60%, before falling off a cliff in 2023 and 2024.

Retail used car prices are falling in 2024

In June 2024, retail used car prices are falling

As the data above shows, retail car prices are slowly but steadily dropping. Car shoppers are saying no to ridiculously high prices, especially as interest rates remain high. Plus, the best new car incentives are attracting more would-be used car shoppers to the new car lots.

Hybrid and EV prices remain elevated above the overall market, but the gap is narrowing. The average transaction price for an electric vehicle is now 16.7% higher than the overall market. That’s less than the 20% premium for EVs we saw early in 2023.

Here’s our monthly update on EV prices.

Used Car Inventory – Retail Markets

Used car days to turn - 2024

The graph above shows that used car inventory is falling as dealers hesitate to take on more inventory. Used car days-to-turn is now at a five-year high. Car buyers are holding off on purchases as used car interest rates soar well beyond 14% APR.

In fact, as you can see below, used car inventory is higher than it has been in recent years. This is a notable trend, and can be used as negotiating leverage.

used car inventory trends 2024

New Car Price Trends (Monthly Updates)

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Older used cars have appreciated most

A new phenomenon we have begun tracking is that older used cars are appreciating more rapidly than younger used cars.

older model used car prices
*Data as of April 2022

This is primarily a function of consumer demand. Retail customers that want to purchase a car at a sub $20,000 price-point are being forced to look at older used vehicles because the new ones have increased in value beyond their budget. This is scary, crazy, and a whole host of other words.

How much did used car prices increase in 2021?

Depending on who you ask (Cox Automotive, Edmunds, CarGurus, or Black Book), retail used car prices increased anywhere from 32% to 36% in 2021.

black book 2021 used car price trends

Black Book shows a 35% increase in retail used car prices for 2021 (the purple line). For comparison, the orange line shows a 7% appreciation for used car prices in 2020, and the blue line shows a 3% depreciation of used car values for 2019.

Here’s a month-over-month table showing used car price trends for 2021:

MonthAverage Used Car Price

This data, supplied by Cox Automotive, shows the incredible ascent used car prices took in 2021.

Every used car has two prices; the wholesale price, and the retail price. As consumers we typically concern ourselves with the retail price, and with good reason, unless you have a dealer’s license you can’t buy a car wholesale at an auction.

That being said, wholesale used car prices are the lifeblood of car dealers, and the used car price trends we saw on the wholesale side in 2021 were truly unfathomable. While retail used car prices increased ~36% in 2021, wholesale used car prices rose 52%.

black book 2021 wholesale used car price trends

There is an obvious interplay between wholesale and retail prices. As wholesale prices increase, we can expect retail to prices to do the same.

Interactive data

Thanks to our friends at foureyes, we can share with you this real-time updating data set on used and new car prices.


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