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Whether you prefer to research on your own or need guidance throughout the car buying process, we’ve got the perfect plan for you.

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CarEdge Data

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Pay a fair price with insights and data to make informed car buying & selling decisions.
Market Insights

CarEdge Fair Price

10 CarEdge Reports monthly

20% off additional reports

Black Book Valuations

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CarEdge Consult

$75 per 30-min live session

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Connect with an industry expert at your convenience.

Personalized 1:1 guidance via video or phone call
Expert help in selecting a vehicle and negotiating the fair price
Assistance with trade-in, financing, leasing, insurance, and warranties
Empowering you to make informed decisions effortlessly

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CarEdge Coach

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Get guidance and maximize your savings with an industry expert in your pocket.
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Deal School

CarEdge Fair Price

Market Insights

9 CarEdge Reports monthly

20% off additional reports

Black Book Valuations

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Cheat Sheets

Download our cheat sheets covering the how-to’s of buying, negotiating, and leasing.

OTD Calculator

Get an estimated Out-the-door Price so you know how much you’ll pay with all taxes and fees included.

Email Templates

Pre-written scripts you can use to communicate with dealers to save time before heading to the dealership.

Why people love CarEdge

CarEdge Coach Testimonial
CarEdge Coach Testimonial
CarEdge Coach Testimonial

Frequently asked questions

How can I contact my CarEdge Coach?

Connect with your Coach via live chat in My CarEdge, or by sending a message to

99% of the time, CarEdge Coaches respond to your first chat message within 5 minutes.

What are Premium Resources?

Access premium resources like Deal School 3.0, trade-in analysis and Black Book reports. Deal School 3.0 is our premiere car buying course, complete with videos, PDFs and quizzes.

What kind of questions can my CarEdge Coach answer?

Your Car Coach can help you determine how to best negotiate the out-the-door price, trade-in, financing, insurance and warranties.

Who are the coaches?

All of our coaches are professionals with years of experience in the auto industry. They know car buying better than anyone, and they’re eager to help you save money.

What data do I get with CarEdge?

With CarEdge Data or CarEdge Coach you unlock CarEdge Fair Price, Market Days Supply, and other sales stats for any vehicle for sale. This includes 3 CarEdge Reports for Data or 9 CarEdge Reports for Coach. You can view this data on the CarEdge Car Search and from your CarEdge account.

How many CarEdge Reports do I get?

Your CarEdge Data subscription comes with 10 CarEdge Reports each month. CarEdge Coach comes with 9 CarEdge Reports. Additional CarEdge Reports can be purchased for 20% off.

What is the CarEdge Fair Price?

The CarEdge Fair Price represents how much we think you should pay for a specific vehicle. It is primarily driven by market analysis and may not be accurate for every car, in every city. We are committed to improving it, and encourage you to partner directly with a CarEdge Coach who may have access to even more information to assist you with your car buying process.

Can I cancel?

At CarEdge, our priority is to help you save money.  We're proud to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for most of our products or services. 

However, once you use CarEdge Coach Live Chat (or email) feature for deal reviews, negotiation help, or similar services, we won't be able to offer a refund.  Our CarEdge Coach Live Chat is a human-powered service that helps users save thousands. Transparency is a CarEdge core value, which is why we are upfront about our policy. If you have any questions about Live Chat before you use it, our customer support team is here to help.