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Will Coleman

7 reviews

a month ago

I've been following Zach on TikTok for a few years and I've always enjoyed his take on car buying and selling. They both seem really dedicated to helping consumers navigate an often difficult process. That said, i put my money where my mouth is and engaged them on a used car purchase to replace my 10 year old car. I don't buy new cars, ever, since I refuse to pay an immediate 20% depreciation, but I was looking for a used vehicle that holds its value and is a sought after vehicle. My caredge salesperson was Hunter and he was great. He understood what I wanted and I would send him suggestions and ideas and he would get more information and do the grunt work needed. It worked and we found the right car at the right price without as much as one hassle. That's really all I asked for, to simplify the process, make it less stressful for me and to find the right automobile. I would very much recommend caredge to anyone who has the extra few dollars to spend to get a concierge to streamline and improve, what most people avoid like the plague, purchasing a used or new vehicle.

Ron Santos

8 reviews

7 months ago

Concierge Car Buying Service: I used the CarEdge Concierge Car Buying service to buy a 2024 Toyota Camry in Oct. 2023. I was very happy with the service, would use it again, and am recommending it to friends and family. Also, the concierge, Jerry, was great to work with.

Andrew Harwin

3 reviews

7 months ago

I just wanted to give a big thank you to Frank and the entire CarEdge team for their help in procuring a new vehicle for my daughter. In early January, my daughter was hit by a drunk driver at 7:30 in the morning while on her way to work. She is fine but her six month old Mazda CX5 was totaled. My first instinct was to contact the dealer where we got the truck to replace it. To my frustration, they were neither open nor transparent in working with me on a new lease. Having been a follower of you since the early YAA days, I searched for a new Mazda and was immediately contacted by your team. Frank was a pleasure to work with, we reviewed all the costs, discounts, and upfront costs involved. The lease cost was less than I was quoted here. The complete opposite of my dealings with the dealer here on Long Island. Deal done, the truck was picked up yesterday from JC Lewis in Savannah and was in my driveway less than 24 hours later. CarEdge proves without a doubt that there is an easy and proper way to purchase a vehicle! Great job!


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Big Savings

CarEdge customers save on average $3,000* on their vehicle when they shop with us. We guarantee savings of at least the fee, or your money back.

*Savings may vary.

Save Time

Buyers spend on average at least 15 hours researching, locating, and visiting dealerships. Think about what you can do with the time you get back by buying with CarEdge.

Peace of Mind

No runarounds, hidden fees and add-ons. We make sure you get the car you want with full transparency. CarEdge is on your side.

How CarEdge Works

Buying a car with CarEdge is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Tell us what car you want

Your must-have features, lifestyle, and budget.

Car must be a 2019 model or newer.

Connect with CarEdge

Access your personalized dashboard so you can see the vehicles we find for you and communicate with us.


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We'll get you set up to pick up your car, or if you need it delivered, we've got that handled too.

Shipping fee may apply.

CarEdge vs. Traditional Car Buying

CarEdge enables a premium, frictionless car buying experience.

Without CarEdge Concierge

Do it yourself

Countless Hours Spent

14+ hours spent during the car buying process
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Money Spent on Junk Fees

34% of buyers paid fees they had never heard of before
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Not Transparent

74% of buyers say the buying process is not transparent
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80%+ of consumers are unfamiliar with what the F&I department does, and the products they sell
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Frustrating Negotiations

45% of car buyers found it difficult to agree to a final price
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Dealership Service

46 NPS (Net Promoter Score) at dealership
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With CarEdge Concierge

We do it for you

Hands off approach

You tell us your dream car, we put it in your driveway

No Hidden Fees

The price you pay is the price you pay


Communication at every step of the process

No More Haggling

Let our team do the work for you

Expert Negotiation

75+ years of car buying experience on your side

Proven Results

90 NPS (Net Promoter Score) and $3,000+ saved on average

Additional Support

Free access to CarEdge Consult ($99 value)


Shipping available based on distance and pick-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will you save me?

Our dedicated concierge will always work to get you the best possible price we can; we will work hand in hand with you to come to an agreement on what the best price would be. But remember, concierge isn’t just about saving you money; it is also about saving you the time of going to 8 – 12 dealerships that most people go to in order to find the best deal. It saves you the headache of dealing with the sales team and the F&I office add-ons. We are here to help you along the entire way.

How does the trade-in process work?

Your concierge can assist you in evaluating the value of your trade and provide expert advice on the best course of action. Whether it’s more advantageous to trade it in at the dealership or sell it to an outside entity, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Please note, you may need to handle the pick-up and drop-off of your trade-in.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs vary based on several factors including the year, make, model, and trim of the vehicle, as well as the distance it needs to be transported. Once we know the details of your vehicle and the delivery location, we can provide you with a shipping estimate.

Please keep in mind that this is an estimate and can be affected by factors such as the route, timing, and weather conditions. Generally, shipping costs range from $1 to $1.25 per mile for open truck shipping. If you have any specific requirements or need more information, feel free to reach out, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

How long will it take for my concierge to contact me?

Our aim is for a Concierge member to contact you within 24 hours during the business week or first thing Monday during holidays and weekends.

What happens if the vehicle doesn’t pass the PPI?

If your used 2019 or newer vehicle does not pass the Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) and you do not wish to continue with that vehicle, our dedicated and compassionate concierge will search for another vehicle for you to ensure we only get you deals on high quality vehicles you will love.

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