Electric Truck Prices in 2024 – Every Electric Pickup’s Pricing, Range, and Availability

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Last updated Feb 8, 2024

Electric trucks are not cheap, and some of them are just downright expensive. Are the fuel savings and power worth the extra cost? This resource features every electric truck’s pricing and range in 2024. Which electric pickups are you interested in? There will be more to choose from in just a few years’ time. 

Electric Truck Prices and Range (2024 – 2025 Models)

MakeModelRelease DateStarting PriceFully-OptionedRange
ChevroletSilverado EVearly 2024$52,000$106,895up to 450 miles
FordF-150 Lightningavailable now$49,995$91,995240 - 320 miles
GMCHummer EVavailable now$86,645$112,595329 miles
GMCSierra EVearly 2024 (Denali)$52,000+$107,000up to 400 miles
RivianR1Tavailable now$73,000$105,000314 - 400 miles
RAM1500 REV2025N/AN/A350-500 miles
TeslaCybertruck2024$60,990$99,990250-340 miles

Electric Truck Charge Times

First, here are a few things you should know about charging an electric pickup (or any EV for that matter):

  • The times below are for public DC (direct current) fast chargers, like those at Tesla Superchargers, Electrify America and EVgo. In reality, about 90% of EV drivers do most of their charging at home overnight. Plug in when you get home and forget about it. Wake up to a full charge! Public charging is usually for traveling.
  • It’s a waste of time to charge all the way to 100%. Beyond 80% – 90% state of charge, charging speeds slow considerably for the health of the battery. 
  • Charging speeds listed below are under optimal conditions, which means not too cold. Under 50 degrees, expect to add 5-15 minutes to these times.
  • When towing, electric truck range drops by up to 50%. It’s not about weight, it’s about aerodynamics. You’ll have to charge more often and plan your charging stops.
MakeModelFast-Charging TimesNotes
ChevroletSilverado EVAdd 100 miles in 10 minutesExpect to add 300 miles of range in 30 minutes
FordF-150 LightningAdd 200 miles in 40 minutesThe Lightning charges to 80% quickly, but slows considerably after.
GMCHummer EVAdd 100 miles in 10 minutesExpect to add 300 miles of range in 30 minutes
GMCSierra EVAdd 100 miles in 10 minutesExpect to add 300 miles of range in 30 minutes
RivianR1TAdd 200 miles in 35 minutesThe R1T accepts up to 220 KW of power, which is above average
TeslaCybertruck"Recover up to 136 miles in 15 minutes"Announced in 2019, the Cybertruck has been delayed to 2024
RAM1500 REVAdd 110 miles in 10 minutes350-500 miles of range; coming late 2024

EV Incentives for Electric Pickups

In 2022, the Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law, and with it came a complete revamp of federal EV incentives. Here’s a brief summary of the biggest changes to tax credits for electric trucks in 2024:

  • Only EVs made in North America qualify
  • Batteries must be sourced from the U.S. or Free Trade Agreement countries
  • Price caps are now in place ($80,000 for electric trucks)
  • Income limits are now in place. 

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