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Last updated Dec 20, 2020

For many, Land Rover is the best luxury SUV brand in the market. They’ve made a name for themselves, and many people who are drawn to SUVs end up wanting a Land Rover. The problem is that they can be incredibly expensive to buy brand new. While you can always go for a used Land Rover, a better option is to go for a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle. A CPO vehicle has been thoroughly inspected and comes with a warranty, making it a great middle-ground between new and used.

We’re about to dive into the Land Rover certified pre-owned program and discuss the warranty, inspection, and bonuses that come with a CPO vehicle.

TLDR; We are pleased with the Land Rover certified pre-owned program. The two most crucial aspects of a CPO program are the warranty and the inspection, and Land Rover looks great in both of these areas. While we wish Land Rover would disclose a specific exclusion list on their website, their warranty offering is solid. They don’t offer many perks, but we don’t think bonuses should be a significant factor when buying a vehicle.

Land Rover’s Certified Pre-Owned Warranty Information

For a Land Rover to be sold as a Land Rover certified pre-owned vehicle, it must meet the following requirements:

  • 60,000 miles or fewer
  • Five years old or newer
  • Pass a thorough 165-point inspection

It’s worth noting that the vehicle must score a perfect 100% on the inspection to be certified. If a single point fails, the car will not be certified until the failed area is repaired.

What does Land Rover’s Certified Pre-Owned Warranty Cover?

All Land Rover CPO vehicles come with a Land Rover Approved Certified Limited Warranty. They do not expressly state what is and is not covered on their CPO website. While third-party information is out there that suggests it only covers manufacturer’s defects, we would prefer that Land Rover directly state their warranty coverage.

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Land Rover states explicitly that the warranty is fully transferable to a new owner. They don’t mention if there’s a transfer fee, but either way, being able to transfer the warranty will boost the resale value of the Land Rover certified pre-owned vehicle.

We’re happy to see that Land Rover explicitly states that there is no deductible for repairs covered under the Approved Certified Limited Warranty.

How long does Land Rover’s Certified Pre-Owned Warranty Last?

The Land Rover Approved Certified Limited Warranty lasts for seven years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. However, coverage begins when the vehicle is first sold, and the odometer is at zero, not when you purchase the car.

When you compare the warranty duration to the CPO eligibility requirements, it’s clear that the shortest warranty you’ll end up with is two years and 40,000 miles. We think that’s still a decent warranty timeframe. Of course, if you buy a newer CPO vehicle, you’ll end up with a more extended warranty.

Land Rover’s Certified Pre-Owned Inspection

Every Land Rover has passed a 165-point inspection to become certified and warrantied. You can view a public-ready version of their checklist on their website, but we’ll cover the main points below:

  • Eligibility, including checking the vehicle history report and searching for recalls
  • Interior, including general interior condition and airbag system functionality
  • Electrical tests, including interior lights and battery condition
  • Heating/Air conditioning, including blower motor condition and HVAC pollen filter condition
  • Exterior electrical tests, including hazard lights functionality and headlights condition
  • Exterior, including general body and paintwork and glass windshield condition
  • Luggage compartment, including tool kit and spare tire
  • Engine area, including engine oil levels and air filter condition
  • Drivetrain, including suspension and steering
  • Stationary test, including engine idling and alternator condition
  • Road test, including engine performance and wind noise
  • Emissions testing

We’re pleased with this inspection checklist as it looks like every central point is inspected. Overall, 165 points of inspection is slightly above average for CPO programs. We would expect over 200 inspection points from an automaker with a reputation like Land Rover, but we aren’t disappointed in their inspection.

Other Land Rover Certified Pre-Owned Perks

Like other automakers, Land Rover has decided to include several perks with any Land Rover certified pre-owned vehicles. They are:

  • Trip interruption benefits, including reimbursement for lodging and transportation, should your Land Rover become disabled due to a warrantable defect when you’re on a trip
  • A Carfax Vehicle History Report (are those reliable?)
  • 24/7 roadside assistance, including coverage for flat tires, fuel delivery, and lockouts.

We expected Land Rover to offer more competitive perks, but they’re at least offering the bare minimum. CPO perks should not be a significant factor in deciding whether to buy a car.

Ultimately, we are happy with the Land Rover certified pre-owned program. They include a lengthy warranty that will last for two years, and possibly more if the CPO vehicle is newer. We’re also happy with their inspection, although more inspection points would be appreciated. The warranty and inspection points are the most critical elements of any CPO program, and Land Rover does well in these areas.

Before you buy a Land Rover, make sure that you get a pre-purchase inspection before signing any contracts. These inspections are always recommended so that you have a better idea about the car’s condition from an independent source.

We think the Land Rover program is an excellent way for someone to get into a Land Rover without paying new car prices.


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