The 3 Cheapest New Cars in 2024

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Last updated May 20, 2024

In 2024, it’s tough finding a cheap new car. Just a decade ago, buying a new car for $30,000 was the norm. Fast forward to today, and the average price has skyrocketed by 60%, sitting at about $47,000. Despite this surge, there’s still hope for budget-conscious buyers. Below, we’ve compiled all you need to know about the three cheapest new cars on sale in 2024.

Nissan Versa: The Cheapest Car in 2024

Starting Price: $17,820 with destination charges

Fully-Loaded Price: $24,000+

The cheapest new car in 2024, the Nissan Versa

For those searching for the cheapest new cars in 2024, the Nissan Versa stands out as a prime candidate with a starting price of only $17,820 with Nissan’s expensive destination charges included. The Versa boasts a 5-star safety rating and an impressive 35 MPG, making it not only economical but also safe and efficient. Plus, the Versa is all-around better rated than the #2 cheapest car in America, the Mitsubishi Mirage (starting at $17,450).

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Mitsubishi Mirage: Bare Bones Transportation

Starting Price: $18,015 with destination charges

Fully-Loaded Price: $20,215+

cheapest new cars 2024 - Mitsubishi Mirage

The 2024 Mitsubishi Mirage is one of the last subcompact hatchbacks available, with a starting price under $20,000. It offers a lengthy list of standard features, including automatic climate control, a forward collision warning system, and a touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. However, the Mirage’s slow performance, lack of comfort, and cheap interior won’t brighten your day. The slightly cheaper Nissan Versa is all-around a better option.

See Mitsubishi Mirage listings with the power of local market data

Hyundai Venue: Bargain Crossover SUV

Starting Price: $21,275 with destination charges

Fully-Loaded Price: $24,525+

The cheapest crossover in 2024, the Hyundai Venue

The 2024 Hyundai Venue might be the last new SUV with an MSRP under $20,000, but even the required delivery fees push it over the top. At a starting price of $21,275 with delivery, this is the cheapest crossover on sale. The cargo volume of the Hyundai Venue is just 32 cubic feet with the back seats folded, which is less than half of what you get with the larger Hyundai Tucson and Santa Fe. 

Although the Hyundai Venue is technically the most affordable crossover, the only true SUV benefits you get are a rear hatch instead of a trunk and a higher ceiling for hauling. 

Fuel economy is merely okay at 29 city / 33 highway, and NHTSA safety ratings are average at 4-stars overall.

See Hyundai Venue listings with the power of local market data

You Can Find a Cheap New Car in 2024

Finding the cheapest cars in 2024 may seem like a daunting task given the rising prices in the auto market. However, with options like the Mitsubishi Mirage, Nissan Versa, and Hyundai Venue, budget-friendly cars are still within reach. These vehicles not only offer affordability but also provide efficiency, safety, and value for their price.

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