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Smart Car Buyers Are Proving You Can Negotiate More Than Expected At the Dealership

Last updated Aug 3, 2023

The art of negotiation is pivotal when it comes to car buying. It’s a game where information is your strongest weapon, and CarEdge is your best ally. Today, we bring you five triumphant tales from the CarEdge Community, each of them a testament to the power of knowledge and the importance of negotiation in the car buying journey. If you’re skeptical about negotiating in today’s car market, these success stories will change your mind!

Timing and Market Knowledge = Truck-Sized Savings

negotiate truck prices in 2023

Joey’s story is one of patience, timing, and understanding the market. He had his eye on a new truck and, armed with insights from CarEdge, he waited for just the right moment to make his move.

“I used CarEdge to check for used deals around me,” Joey recalls, “and negotiated a killer deal. The truck had been on the lot for over 70 days and the dealer was motivated. I waited until the last day of the month and negotiated down to my asking price. I also negotiated GAP down almost 50%. You guys are a wealth of information. If it’s taxable it’s negotiable!”

In fact, timing plays into negotiability in a big way. Savvy car buyers know that dealerships often have monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales targets. At the end of these periods, they are more likely to negotiate to hit their goals. 

In addition, the length of time a car sits on a dealer’s lot impacts its price. The longer it stays, the more motivated a dealer becomes to sell, offering a ripe opportunity for negotiation. Understanding these dynamics and the concept of supply and demand in the car market can greatly influence the outcome of your negotiation and lead to BIG savings. 

The Dealer Was Not Prepared For This!

Jon’s negotiation journey led him to an unexpected place: a job offer. Working with CarEdge Finance and Insurance Specialist Kimberly Kline, Jon confidently navigated through the dealership’s pitch.

“When I first arrived, the salesman brought out the offer sheet with three different down payment amounts and three different costs per month,” Jon recounts. “He wanted my initials. I declined. The sales manager then came out asking what I wanted. I said that I wasn’t looking at monthly costs but total out-the-door costs.” That simple, informed request set the tone for the rest of the negotiation.

Jon ended up getting the new truck he wanted with an out-the-door price UNDER MSRP. The Sales Manager was so impressed that Jon says he offered to hire him to sell cars. Was it a serious offer? We wouldn’t be surprised if it was with how skillfully Jon stayed in control of his deal!

Playing Hardball

Toyota Avalon price deals

In Tampa, Marcus was eager to get his hands on a low-mileage Toyota Avalon Hybrid. He played hardball with several dealerships until he found one ready to play his game. He secured his dream car for an incredible $8,000 below sticker price and also secured a great deal on his trade-in.

“My advice is don’t fall in love with the car ONLY, also fall in love with the deal! You really have to just stick to it and use what you learn from CarEdge,” Marcus advises. His determination, coupled with CarEdge’s resources, brought him the deal he was after.

Check out Marcus’ full breakdown of his deal here.

Schooling the Salesman

Knowledge is power, as Navnit demonstrated. When shopping for a 2023 Mazda 3, the best deal he could initially find was $28,500. After using CarEdge’s tools and Deal School, he was sure he could negotiate a better out-the-door price. His thorough understanding of pricing, taxes, and fees flipped the script, with Navnit explaining to the dealer how THEY could meet HIS terms.

Here’s how he says the deal went down.

Dealer: The best I can do is $27,000 plus taxes and title

Me: No, I am looking for $27,000 out-the-door

Dealer: How is that possible?

Me: Well, you can knock off the $800 in dealer-installed accessories, I don’t need the $700 GAP insurance, I can get deals with a doc fee that is $600 lower than yours, and title and then I know I can get a $1500 discount. If not from you, I could from the 3 others that I have emails from. 

Dealer: Let me talk to my manager….  ….. The best I can do is $27,500.

Me: Well thank you but that doesn’t work for me. Tell me you can do 27 and we sign today.

Dealer: Well in that case you need to finance through us.

Me: Well I already have a loan quote from my credit union at 4.75%. can you do better?

Dealer: Hold on….. We can do 4.3%

And just like that, Navnit showed the dealer who was in control. He ended up getting exactly what he wanted, at the price he had in mind.

“I had to be so vigilant,” says Navnit. “I was asking for printed deposit receipts, previewing buyers’ orders, pointing out the rebates they had added and so much more. But the bottom line, buying a car is so damn hard.”

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The Email Worth $1,700

car dealer fees

Never Pay These Fake Dealer Fees!

In the world of car buying, sometimes an email can save you thousands. Jonathan worked with CarEdge Car Coach Jerry to draft an email to his dealer, transforming the trade-in valuation of his 2015 Crosstrek from $10,290 to $12,000.

Jonathan shared, “The salesperson called me right away the next morning, and said, ‘What number could you do for your car?’ Instinctively I said, ‘How about $12,000?’ and they agreed. If I had it to do over again, I realize there would have been no harm in replying with $12,500 or even $13,000. Big picture, I’m very happy with the deal. Nothing’s perfect, and I take it as a learning experience for next time.”

Jonathan’s email showcased how thorough research and confidence in your offer can lead to significant savings. He credits his success to the knowledge and support provided by CarEdge: “It was great to have someone in my corner. That night I wrote the salesperson an email.”

His story, along with the others, is a testament to how well-informed car buyers can change the dynamic of a negotiation, flipping it in their favor. Check out Jonathan’s full story for more.

See HUNDREDS more success stories at the CarEdge Community

Power to the Car Buyer: ALWAYS Negotiate

These success stories reveal how CarEdge’s wealth of information and team of Car Coaches can empower car buyers, flipping the traditional power dynamic and creating a new one where the consumer has the upper hand. These car buyers took control of their purchase experiences, negotiated with confidence, and walked away with deals that made them proud.

From waiting for the right time to strike, to firmly and confidently advocating for fair prices, these empowered car buyers show that, armed with the right tools and knowledge, you too can come out on top in the car buying game.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate on your next car purchase. Remember: If it’s taxable, it’s negotiable. Leverage CarEdge Data and our all-new CarEdge Report to understand local market negotiability like never before. Ready to work 1:1 with a car buying expert? CarEdge Coach is the perfect path to big-time savings.  

Get started on your car buying journey with CarEdge today. We look forward to helping you find your success story. 

Your Knowledge Is Your Power!

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