How You Can Be an Informed New Car Buyer | Episode 2

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Last updated Apr 25, 2023

It’s unfortunate, but buying a new car is undoubtedly difficult. During this episode, Ray and Zach discuss the steps you should take before beginning your buying process. From doing your research, to knowing what to say to the dealer, Ray and Zach break down step by step what you can do to be more confident buying a new car.


  1. john

    Thanks! I am going to try it. I believe I know what Hold Back is on the type car I want which is 3.8% of factory wholesale…so I ask for invoice less 1.9% of factory wholesale. Makes sense. They make 2% which is a lot better than loosing money. I am also going to have the Doc Fee part of their 2%. Does that sound right?

    • Zach Shefska

      John, that sounds like a very fair offer!

  2. Used Cars Auckland

    Thank you very much for how you can be an informed new car buyer episode 2, it’s difficult for me to get such kind of information most of the time always… I really hope I can work on your tips and it works for me too, I am happy to come across your article.


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