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Last updated May 3, 2023

When it comes to buying a new car, getting the best deal is crucial. That’s why our CarEdge Car Coaches have put together a list of the discount you should expect on the 10 best-selling new cars and trucks. Consider this guide step one of the journey towards finding a great deal on a new car. These insights can help you save thousands of dollars on your next vehicle purchase.

Negotiability Insights from CarEdge Car Coaches

Our CarEdge Car Coaches help hundreds of car buyers every week, and they get a good feel for the negotiability of today’s car market in the process. Based on current market conditions, these are the appropriate discounts CarEdge Car Coaches are seeing for the best-selling new cars and trucks. We’re also sharing average listing prices for brand-new 2023 models, as well as any remaining new 2022 inventory.

MakeModelStarting MSRPAverage Listing PriceNegotiability (Off MSRP)
TeslaModel Y*$48,630$66,5060%
TeslaModel 3*$41,630$40,6070%

Looking for negotiability info for other models? With CarEdge Data, you’ll see negotiability scores for every new and used car listing. Want personalized help? Our Car Coaches are ready to help you get the best deal today. Here’s how CarEdge can help.

2023 Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is the best selling truck in the United States. With a starting MSRP of $35,590 the F-150 may seem like a reasonably priced pickup, however the average advertised price is much higher. Our analysis of 100,000 2023 Ford F-150s listed for sale shows an average advertised price of $62,353.

As Ford inventory builds back up, our Car Coaches have helped customers get between 3-6% off of MSRP.

In the screenshot below for a listing in the Dallas market area, you can see there is 184 days supply of inventory. This is well above the industry norm of 60-90 days. This means Ford dealers should be motivated to discount and make deals.

negotiate F-150 prices

See F-150 listings with no ads and local market data.

Chevrolet Silverado

If you’re in the market for a new truck, our Car Coaches say that the Silverado 1500 is especially negotiable. In recent deals they’ve negotiated for our members, they’ve found that between 3% and 11% can be negotiated off of MSRP.

GM is having a REALLY hard time selling trucks. It’s gotten so bad that the automaker paused production as dealer lots filled with trucks.

There are plenty of Silverado’s that have been sitting on the lot for over 60 days, but market days’ supply depends on what trim you’re looking at. Remaining new 2022 model years are especially negotiable, such as this truck on sale in Chicago.

negotiate Silverado truck prices in 2023

See Silverado negotiability with these local listings.

Ram 1500

The Ram 1500 is one of the most negotiable trucks today, with an average discount of around 10% off the MSRP. It’s commonplace for 2022 and 2023 Ram trucks to exceed 120 days supply, which is twice the norm. Here’s our recent report on today’s especially negotiable truck prices.

negotiate Ram truck prices in 2023

This Ram 1500 on sale in the Houston area has been on sale for nearly 300 days, and is highly negotiable. You’ll always have better chance to pay under MSRP with outgoing model years.

See how negotiable Ram trucks are with these local listings.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla sells direct-to-consumer, so there’s no negotiating new Tesla prices. However, used Tesla’s are negotiable as the automaker continues to drop prices for new cars. Here’s our used Tesla price forecast for 2023.

Be on the lookout for severely overpriced used Model Ys, as dealers try to cover their losses on plummeting used Tesla values.

Model Y negotiability

See Model Y listings near you.

Toyota RAV4

The 2023 Toyota RAV4 is one of the least negotiable new cars on the market today, but it’s also one of the most popular. With a starting price well under $30,000, it’s low negotiability is offset by an affordable price and decent fuel economy. The RAV4 Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) are by far the least negotiable, according to CarEdge Car Coach Justise.

In most regional markets, days supply ranges between 20 and 50 days for the RAV4. This Limited AWD in DC is sadly one of the more negotiable listings, as it’s been on the market for over one month. That’s rare for the RAV4.

Toyota RAV4 negotiability

See RAV4 listings near you, with ZERO ads and local market data.

Nissan Rogue

Due to a higher inventory this month, the Nissan Rogue SV is more negotiable. Other Rogue trim options, such as this Rogue S in California, are quite negotiable too, according to our Car Coaches. There will generally be more negotiability towards the end of the month.

Negotiate Nissan Rogue prices in 2023

See Nissan Rogue listings near you.

Honda CR-V

Along with its rival the RAV4, the CR-V is hard to negotiate due to consumer demand exceeding supply. Market Days Supply is FAR below the market norm of 60 days. Some options, such as the all-wheel drive CR-V and CR-V hybrids, have far less supply. We recently took a closer look at inventory in major markets, and the CR-V is hard to find everywhere you look. Be sure to check out new car inventory in major markets across America.

See CR-V listings near you, with ZERO ads.

GMC Sierra

In some markets, there’s over 200 days’ supply for new GMC Sierra trucks. That’s 2.5 times the industry standard for lot inventory. However, as you can see with this new Sierra listing from Texas, market supply depends on the trim you’re wanting. Check local inventory for brand-new 2022 models still on the lot.

negotiate GMC Sierra truck prices in 2023

See Sierra listings near you.

Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is one of the best-selling sedans in America due to its reliability and fuel efficiency. However, its popularity also means that there is high demand and limited supply, which can make negotiating a lower price challenging.

From the East Coast to the Midwest and beyond, Market Days Supply for the 2023 Camry is well under the ‘healthy’ average of about 60 days. This 2023 Camry SE in Florida is a new arrival, and will likely be sold within days.

Toyota Camry negotiability

See Camry listings near you.

Tesla Model 3

A brand-new Model 3 now starts at just over $40,000 following half a dozen price drops in 2023. But don’t expect to negotiate on a new Model 3 since Tesla sells directly to consumers in states that allow it.

Although you can only buy new Tesla EVs at, there are shocking deals on used Tesla models at CarEdge Car Search. See listings near you.

A word of caution: Used Model 3 prices remain VERY inflated as dealers try to recoup losses as new Tesla cars keep getting cheaper.

Model 3 negotiability

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