Tire & Wheel Warranty

Key Takeaways:

  • Coverage Assurance: Guarantees repair or replacement of tires due to manufacturing defects.
  • Exclusions: Note that damage from road hazards like potholes or nails isn’t covered.
  • Valuable Protection: Especially beneficial for vehicles frequently driven in stressful conditions, offering a safeguard against unforeseen tire and wheel issues.
What is tire & wheel coverage? This warranty covers repairs or replacements if your tires are faulty due to manufacturing issues, providing a safety net for tire performance. Remember, coverage for damage from external factors requires a separate policy.  Many newer vehicles come with a tire warranty, which can cover repairs within a certain time frame (usually 3-5 years) or distance driven (typically around 5,000 miles). However, some warranties will require you to prove that you maintained the parts to a certain standard (such as keeping the tires inflated, rotating them regularly, etc.) before they pay for a replacement/repair.

Why do people purchase coverage?

Vehicle Longevity

Maintains your vehicle in prime condition, enhancing its resale value.

Cost Reduction

Mitigates the financial burden of tire repairs, spreading out expenses.

Peace of mind

Coverage is ideal for those who want to avoid the anxiety of sudden car repair expenses.
You may not need coverage if:
  • Existing Manufacturer’s Warranty: If your new vehicle’s warranty already covers tires, additional coverage might be redundant.
  • DIY Confidence: Skilled in tire maintenance? You might manage without extra coverage.
  • Proven Reliability: If your vehicle’s tires have a track record of durability, the cost of additional warranty might not be justified.

Other protection plans you might want

Gap Protection

Financial protection for your peace of mind.

Mechanical & Electrical

Bumper-to-bumper coverage. Goodbye, Surprise repair bills.

Key Replacement

If you lose your keys, you don’t lose your cool.

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The latest insights.
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