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CarEdge Value Ratings

The CarEdge Value Grade is determined by using a proprietary algorithm that compares the average purchase price of a new model to its future resale value and ongoing maintenance, repair, and insurance costs.  The CarEdge Value Grade provides vehicle shoppers with an unbiased and candid financial assessment of whether a new vehicle model is likely to be a good or bad automobile investment.  

While the CarEdge Value Grade does not measure the qualitative aspects of models, such as ride comfort, styling and handling, a model’s resale value will reflect its overall attractiveness in the used vehicle market—taking into consideration all of these qualities.  Importantly, the CarEdge Value Grade does not grade specific trim levels or specific used vehicles, but instead, assesses the model as a whole, and should be used as a guide in which to conduct further research. See all Value Ratings


Models rated in the "A" category generally hold their value very well, and have excellent resale values. These vehicles also tend to be inexpensive to maintain, have low repair costs and are reasonable to insure. Relative to other new vehicle models, these vehicles provide the best return on your automobile investment, and will save you a lot of money over your ownership period.


Models rated in the "B" category hold their values reasonably well, and have good resale values. Models in the "B" category are also generally less expensive to maintain and repair, and have attractive insurance rates. Relative to other new vehicle models, these vehicles provide a good return on your automobile investment, and can be smart purchases.


Models rated in the "C" category do OK in terms of holding their value, and their resale values are similar to the industry average. Maintenance, repair, and insurance costs can be somewhat higher, but not excessive. Relative to other new vehicle models, these vehicles provide a fair return on your automobile investment, but there is lots of opportunity to do better.


Models rates in the "D" category do not hold their values very well, and generally have above-average maintenance, repair and insurance costs. Relative to other vehicles, these models are not good financial investments, will be more expensive to operate, and will have lower resale values.


"F"-rated models have poor resale values and tend to be very expensive to maintain and operate, relative to other vehicles in their price range. If financial considerations are important to you, and if you want to keep your vehicle ownership costs low, we would avoid these vehicles. Buyers of vehicles rated "F" should expect high operating costs and disappointing resale values, so buyer beware.


CarEdge analyzes and monitors hundreds of vehicle models in the area of depreciation (resale values), as well as maintenance, repair and insurance expenses. The CarEdge Value Ratings are calculated using this data, and comparing it to the model’s original average purchase price. The Value Ratings provide a relative gauge of your likely return on your vehicle investment. With these Ratings, you can better understand how your auto investment is likely to perform, financially, so you can make a more-informed, better-educated vehicle purchase decision. See all Value Ratings