6 New Cars and Trucks Poised for Price Drops in 2024

Key Takeaways

  • OEMs are slashing prices for slow-selling models in 2024
  • From the Altima to electric crossovers, slow sales rates reach far and wide
  • All things considered, these 6 models are the most overpriced

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Last updated Apr 4, 2024

As new cars fill dealership lots, OEMs are lowering prices to sell cars. From Jeep to Ford, and even Mazda’s new flagship SUV, price drops have already arrived. However, as we’re about to see, there are several other models that are in desperate need of MSRP reductions given today’s oversupply and weak sales. Don’t pay a dollar over MSRP for these new cars, trucks, and SUVs that are primed for price cuts in 2024. Especially when you have the power of CarEdge Insights at your fingertips.

Let’s dive into the details.

Nissan Altima: The Sunset of a Sedan

2024 Nissan Altima pricing

Base MSRP: $27,140

Average Selling Price: $30,463

Current Market Day Supply: 198 days

After decades leading Nissan sales forward, the Altima will be discontinued in 2025. It’s true that the Altima has become the butt of jokes in car culture in recent times, but its absence will be immediately felt by those who simply need an affordable ride. 

But Nissan has its reasons. Altima sales have been in decline, dropping 8.5% in 2023 while most of the rest of Nissan’s lineup saw modest gains. There remains a 198-day supply in America today. With the looming discontinuation on the horizon, it’s prime time for a price drop. 

Browse Nissan Altima Listings | See Consumer Reports Ratings

Dodge Hornet: The Crossover That Won’t Sell

Dodge Hornet deals

Base MSRP: $32,995

Average Selling Price: $41,905

Current Market Day Supply: 646 days

The Dodge Hornet is facing a surplus, with the third-highest inventory among all new cars as of April 2024. This equates to nearly two years of supply if production were to cease today.

Why are buyers balking at the Hornet? For one thing, there are 4 recalls for the Hornet as of early 2024. Consumer Reports rates it at 55 out of 100 overall, with average reliability but above-average owner satisfaction scores. However, it’s full of compromises, too many perhaps. It’s not as spacious as competing crossovers, but it’s bigger than a sedan. Fuel economy is among the worst in the compact crossover segment at 24 miles per gallon in combined driving. There is a plug-in hybrid version that fares much better. 

Browse Dodge Hornet Listings | See Consumer Reports Ratings

Grand Wagoneer: Luxury at a Standstill

Jeep Grand Wagoneer prices

Base MSRP: $93,945

Average Selling Price: $101,667

Current Market Day Supply: 240 days

Jeep’s Grand Wagoneer, despite being the brand’s priciest model, is overdue for a price cut. Jeep has already reduced prices on other models in 2024, from the Wrangler to the Gladiator.

With stagnant sales, Stellantis already announced a pivot away from earlier plans of turning Wagoneer into a luxury spinoff. Simply put, the market is ripe for price negotiations on this model. Even with major discounts, are you willing to spend $100,000 on a Jeep? Believe it or not, that’s about how much these luxury Jeeps cost.

Browse Grand Wagoneer Listings | See Consumer Reports Ratings

Nissan Titan: Underdog in the Truck Market

2024 Nissan Titan prices

Base MSRP: $48,050

Average Selling Price: $56,022

Current Market Day Supply: 287 days

The Nissan Titan, with its price hiked by $5,000 for the 2024 model year, contrasts starkly against its modest sales figures, selling just 19,189 units in 2023. This lack of market traction, especially compared to giants like Ford’s F-Series, suggests that the Titan could see significant price negotiations or cuts to align with its market performance, making it an attractive option for truck buyers looking for value.

If Nissan truly wants to grab truck market share, they’re going to have to work for it with aggressive pricing. Don’t pay a dollar over MSRP for a new Titan in 2024.

Browse Nissan Titan Listings | See Consumer Reports Ratings

Subaru Solterra: Electric Slowdown

Subaru Solterra 2023

Base MSRP: $46,340

Average Selling Price: $50,103

Current Market Day Supply: 363 days

Performance-wise, the Solterra just isn’t worth the high price tag. But I may change my thinking if Subaru takes cues from the sluggish market and drops prices by $5,000. The Subaru Solterra, already experiencing price cuts in Australia, faces slow sales in North America and even slower charging speeds. 

Its strengths? High ground clearance and futuristic Subaru looks are two that come to mind. With sales failing to take off more than 18 months after launch and plenty of 2023 Solterras STILL sitting on the lot, it’s past time for a big price cut for this EV.

Browse Subaru Solterra Listings | See Consumer Reports Ratings

Volvo C40: A Premium EV Ripe For Price Cuts

Volvo C40 prices and deals

Base MSRP: $54,895

Average Selling Price: $58,658

Current Market Day Supply: 425 days

Volvo’s EV sales have yet to take off. With stiff competition from the likes of Tesla, the German luxury brands, and even Hyundai Motor Group, it’s not clear that they ever will. The C40 isn’t a bad car by any measure. It’s luxurious, great for urban tight spaces, and can go 297 miles on a charge. 

But the price is a bit higher than many similar offerings in today’s market. Today, there’s a 425-day supply of Volvo C40s. That’s 8x the typical market average. Will Volvo take cues from today’s EV buyers and lower prices? We hope so. 

Browse Volvo C40 Listings | See Consumer Reports Ratings

Don’t Settle For Less Than a Bargain

While these six models have not yet seen the price cuts that other vehicles have in 2024, their high inventory and slow sales make them prime candidates for negotiation. Keeping an eye on these models could lead to significant savings, but only if you’re patient. 

Even before OEMs announce revised pricing, these six models are highly negotiable, especially if you are equipped with these insights and local market data. Don’t forget that we have not one, not two, but SEVEN free car buying cheat sheets available for download. Get your free resources here

The good news is that some automakers are already making moves and lowering prices. 

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