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Last updated Apr 24, 2023

Audi is one of the top names in luxury vehicles, so it makes sense that you might want to protect your investment with an Audi extended warranty.

We’re about to cover everything you need to know about the extended warranty offer from Audi, including the different levels of service provided and a comparison to similar third-party options.

The Highlights:

  • Audi offers three types of protection, with one of those types having three sub-types.
  • Their certified pre-owned extended warranty seems thorough, but not enough information is made available about what’s covered.
  • Third-party extended warranty options offer more flexibility on shops where you can have your work done.

Is It Worth Getting an Audi Extended Warranty?

Our Audi extended warranty review wouldn’t be complete without checking out their coverage. The value of an Audi extended warranty will vary from person to person. If you plan on keeping your car for decades to come, then it might be worth it. However, if you like to trade in vehicles every few years, you should probably skip the Audi extended protection program.

Audi has three types of vehicle service contracts for you to choose from:

  1. Audi Pure Protection:  The umbrella label of Audi Pure Protection includes three additional sub-types, also known as Platinum, Gold, and Powertrain. The difference between these plans is primarily found in the components that are covered. Platinum covers almost everything on the vehicle, Gold covers most major systems, and Powertrain only covers the powertrain system. Audi does not include a complete list of what’s covered under these plans, so make sure that you read through your contract before agreeing to anything. You deserve to know what’s covered and what’s not.
  2. Certified Pre-Owned Service Protection:  We will dive into this warranty in detail later, but for now, you should know that this warranty already comes with any certified pre-owned vehicle from Audi. The Audi extended warranty for CPO vehicles adds on two years with unlimited miles to what you’re already getting under their base coverage.
  3. Term Protection:  This specialized type of protection specifically covers parts and labor on all components that might wear out during the duration of the warranty, which extends for six years or 72,000 miles (whichever occurs first). The cost of this warranty includes wheel alignment, in addition to replacements for headlamps, belts and hoses, batteries, brake pads, bulbs, and fuses.

We need to highlight that two of these plans run concurrently with your factory warranty:  Term Protection and Audi Pure Protection. That means that you’ll only use these warranties for the first few years if something breaks that is not covered by your factory warranty but is covered by the extended warranty.

So is the Audi vehicle service contract worth signing? The term protection option is likely worth it for everyone, assuming that you remember to use it when it comes time to replace the covered parts. The other two programs are only worth it if you’re going to be keeping your vehicle for quite a bit longer than the factory warranty covers.

Audi Factory Extended Warranty vs. Third-Party Extended Warranty

There are plenty of third-party extended warranty providers to choose from, but they all have one distinct advantage over Audi extended protection plans:  Flexibility.

Third-party vendors allow you to take your vehicle to almost any repair shop, provided that they are licensed by a reputable association. Conversely, an Audi extended warranty requires that all repairs be done at an authorized dealership.

If you live near an Audi dealership, this might not be a big deal. However, if the closest Audi dealership is on the other side of town or the other side of your state, it might be a deal breaker. You’ll need to consider what works best for you.

You may have noticed that we aren’t mentioning prices in this Audi extended warranty review. When it comes to pricing, we’ve previously broken down how the cost of a vehicle service contract varies based on the VIN and mileage of the car in question. You’ll need to obtain several quotes to compare coverage before deciding which warranty is best for you.

What is Covered Under a Certified Pre-Owned Audi Extended Warranty?

The certified pre-owned Audi extended warranty coverage is based on exclusions. Most breakdowns that are related to a manufacturer’s defect will be covered, except for:

  • Mechanical breakdowns covered by the existing manufacturer’s warranty
  • Mechanical breakdowns caused by collisions, weather conditions, accidents, or vandalism
  • Mechanical breakdowns caused by a lack of maintenance or pre-existing conditions

Their website directs you to contact a dealership for a detailed list of covered components. They do not provide this list from their website.

Do We Recommend an Audi Vehicle Service Contract?

Perhaps the biggest drawback of the Audi vehicle service contract is the lack of detailed information given to consumers upfront. The only information they make available on their website is a sale-focused page and legal statements to cover themselves for liability purposes. We’d like to see a document that dives deeply into what is covered on each of their warranty offerings.

So what is the outcome of our Audi extended warranty review? Overall, we are neutral toward the Audi extended protection plans. We cannot give them a confident recommendation based on the information they publicly provide.

If you’re looking for more options, we also offer vehicle service contracts through our partner. We offer transparent pricing and coverage options. Your costs are based upon your VIN and mileage, and we have a flat rate markup. We also offer a free consultation to discuss your options. Reach out to us today if you’re interested in the ways that we can help you stay protected on the roads.


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