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Last updated Jan 1, 2024

Dependability matters, especially as auto repair costs soar. Have you ever experienced the delight of owning an SUV that goes above and beyond in terms of reliability? If not, we’re out to change that. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the top 10 most reliable SUVs for 2024, courtesy of the consumer advocates at Consumer Reports

We’ve ranked today’s new SUV models by popular segment. SUVs are ranked first by reliability, then with driver satisfaction and road test scores as the tie breakers. Consumer Reports rates reliability and satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 5, and road test scores range from zero to 100. 

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The Most Reliable Small SUVs

Most dependable SUVs

For anyone familiar with the most reliable car brands, the winners should come as no surprise. Toyota and Lexus frequent the top of the list for automotive reliability. Honda and Subaru are also known for making the most dependable SUVs, and also win top honors here.

MakeModelYearReliability ScoreSatisfaction ScoreRoad TestBase MSRP
LexusNX Hybrid20235587$41,955 - $57,805
ToyotaCorolla Cross20235276$23,610 - $31,065
HondaCR-V Hybrid20234488$32,400 - $39,100
SubaruForester20234487$27,095 - $37,395
SubaruCrosstrek Hybrid20234485$23,645 - $36,845
SubaruCrosstrek20244483$24,995 - $31,995
HondaCR-V20234483$28,410 - $35,760
ToyotaCorolla Cross Hybrid202344In Testing$27,970 - $31,065
MazdaCX-5020234378$27,550 - $42,300
ToyotaRAV4 Hybrid20234378$28,275 - $39,530
LexusUX20234377$35,340 - $44,170
MazdaCX-520244377$29,300 - $40,600
HondaHR-V20234373$23,800 - $29,400
MitsubishiOutlander20234372$27,895 - $49,995
NissanRogue20234281$27,360 - $38,990
ToyotaRAV420234272$28,275 - $39,530
ChevroletTrailblazer20234270$22,100 - $27,700

The surprises on the list? Most would not expect to see the Chevrolet Trailblazer and Nissan Rogue alongside the big names in reliability.

The Most Reliable Midsize SUVs

Toyota and Lexus combined occupy eight spots on the list of most reliable midsize SUVs.

MakeModelYearReliability ScoreSatisfaction ScoreRoad TestBase MSRP
LexusGX202454In Testing$56,425 - $67,080
LexusRX Hybrid20234586$52,235 - $57,045
ToyotaHighlander Hybrid20234486$36,620 - $53,025
LexusRX20234481$47,800 - $62,000
ToyotaHighlander20234480$36,620 - $53,025
ToyotaVenza20234480$34,620 - $42,765
AcuraMDX20234474$49,550 - $73,200
Toyota4Runner20234459$40,155 - $54,620
ToyotaGrand Highlander202444In Testing$43,070 - $58,125
HyundaiSanta Fe Hybrid20234388$36,210 - $41,870
FordEdge20234378$37,945 - $46,485
HondaPassport20234376$41,100 - $46,560
ChevroletBlazer20234375$35,100 - $45,700
NissanMurano20234374$34,160 - $47,410

The Ford Edge and Chevrolet Blazer were least expected, but earned their place on the rankings.

The Most Reliable Large SUVs

It’s a lot tougher to find a reliable large SUV. There’s quite a bit of OEM representation on this list, however. Large SUV models from Toyota, Lexus, Lincoln, BMW, Buick, and even Ford all earned above-average ratings in dependability according to Consumer Reports testing.

MakeModelYearReliability ScoreSatisfaction ScoreRoad TestBase MSRP
LexusTX202444Not Tested$53,700 - $71,300
FordExpedition20233460$54,755 - $88,865
ToyotaSequoia20233459$59,865 - $79,865
LincolnNavigator20233457$79,725 - $112,300
LexusLX202334Not Tested$90,815 - $130,905
BMWX720233382$77,850 - $145,000
BuickEnclave20233376$44,800 - $59,470

The Most Reliable Luxury SUVs

Nine models belonging to just three brands earned above-average reliability ratings in the luxury segment. You guessed it: Lexus dominates again. Joining Lexus is Acura with the MDX and RDX, and Lincoln’s Corsair. 

MakeModelYearReliability ScoreSatisfaction ScoreRoad TestBase MSRP
LexusNX Hybrid20235587$41,955 - $57,805
LincolnCorsair20235384$38,690 - $53,885
LexusRX Hybrid20234586$52,235 - $57,045
LexusRX20234481$47,800 - $62,000
AcuraMDX20234474$49,550 - $73,200
LexusTX202444In Testing$53,700 - $71,300
LexusNX20234377$38,605 - $57,805
LexusUX20234377$35,340 - $44,170
AcuraRDX20234277$41,750 - $53,750

The Most Reliable Hybrid SUVs

You know what SUVs are terrible at? Fuel efficiency. The traditionally box-shaped SUVs of yesterday were notorious for 15 MPG fuel economy, which is just as bad for your wallet as it is for the environment. In 2024, hybrid powertrains bring surprising efficiency to the SUV segment.

MakeModelYearReliability ScoreSatisfaction ScoreRoad TestBase MSRP
LexusNX Hybrid20235587$41,955 - $57,805
HondaCR-V Hybrid20234488$32,400 - $39,100
ToyotaHighlander Hybrid20234486$36,620 - $53,025
SubaruCrosstrek Hybrid20234485$23,645 - $36,845
ToyotaCorolla Cross Hybrid202344In Testing$27,970 - $31,065
HyundaiSanta Fe Hybrid20234388$36,210 - $41,870
ToyotaRAV4 Hybrid20234378$28,275 - $39,530

The Lexus NX Hybrid is a standout, with a perfect 5/5 rating for both reliability and satisfaction. Honda, Toyota, Subaru, and Hyundai round out the list with high dependability and well-tested hybrid powertrains.

The Most Reliable Electric SUV

Kia EV6 reliability

If you can adapt to the charging lifestyle, electric SUVs are the way to go for drivers determined to buy less fuel and spend less on maintenance costs. 

MakeModelYearReliability ScoreSatisfaction ScoreRoad TestBase MSRP
KiaEV620235591$42,600 - $61,600
GenesisGV6020233584$59,290 - $68,290
HyundaiIONIQ 520233576$41,450 - $56,500
GenesisElectrified GV7020233581$65,850
BMWiX20233485$84,100 - $108,900
LexusRZ20233477$58,500 - $64,000
ToyotabZ4X20233476$42,000 - $48,780
SubaruSolterra20233475$44,995 - $51,995
NissanAriya20233474$43,190 - $60,190

Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis share the same e-GMP electric platform (battery+electric motors). With high reliability and proven satisfaction in the real world, they have earned top ratings for electric SUV dependability.

Despite high reliability, we can’t recommend the Toyota bZ4X or Subaru Solterra for most drivers. The reason? Painfully slow charging times of over an hour to add 200 miles of driving range. Most EVs, including the others on this list, accomplish the same feat in about 30 minutes at a DC fast charger. 

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Final Thoughts: Beyond Reliability

most reliable SUVs

While the reliability of an SUV is undeniably important when selecting your next vehicle, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. You’ll want to take into account other critical factors like fuel efficiency, comfort, safety features, and the overall cost of ownership to make a well-rounded decision that aligns with your unique needs and preferences. 

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