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Last updated Apr 24, 2023

Kia may have started by manufacturing bicycle parts, but now, they’re one of the world’s largest automakers. They produce quality cars, but manufacturing mistakes do happen. Having an extended warranty will protect you against a hefty repair bill should a defect result in a breakdown. But should you buy one from Kia? Before you decide, look through our Kia extended warranty review.

We’re about to cover the Kia extended warranty. We’ll discuss the levels of coverage, term lengths, and what our ultimate recommendation on this warranty is.

The Highlights:

  • The Kia extended protection program has five levels of coverage.
  • Buyers have a choice of deductibles and term lengths for coverage.
  • Repairs must be completed at a Kia dealership to be covered.
  • We recommend the Kia extended warranty because of their thorough component coverage and flexible options for buyers.

Is It Worth Getting a Kia Extended Warranty?

Before we can discuss if the Kia vehicle service contract is worth it, we need to dive into the features and coverage of the warranty.

Kia calls their extended warranty program the Kia Distinction Vehicle Protection Plan. It features five levels of coverage. We’ll give you a brief overview of what they cover, but you’ll need to view their brochure for a comprehensive list of what’s included.

Here are the five available types of coverage:

  • Powertrain Coverage:  As you might imagine, this plan covers the engine, transmission, drive axle, and additional components for hybrids.
  • Silver Coverage:  This plan covers everything in the powertrain plan and adds coverage for the steering system, brakes, air conditioning system, front suspension, electrical systems, and additional hybrid components.
  • Gold Coverage:  With coverage similar to the Silver program, this program covers all of the same systems, but also covers a greater number of individual components within each system.
  • Gold Plus Coverage:  What makes this the “Plus” program? It adds rear suspension coverage and greatly expands the electrical components that are covered.
  • Platinum Coverage:  Unlike all of the programs above, the platinum plan is an exclusionary coverage plan. This means that it will cover everything except for things that are specifically excluded. You can view the exclusion list in the program brochure linked above.

You’ll also have your option of term lengths, regardless of the coverage plan that you choose. Kia does not make the exact term length increments available, but they do say that you can select up to 120,000 miles.

Your plan may have deductibles. You’ll have a choice of deductible options when you purchase your plan. They don’t make the deductible options publicly available.

Each of the five plans comes with the same added benefits:

  • Rental car coverage of up to $35 per day, with up to 10 days per breakdown
  • Towing coverage of up to $75 per breakdown
  • Travel coverage of up to $100 per day and up to $500 per occurrence if a breakdown happens more than 100 miles away from your house
  • All fluids involved in your repairs are covered, including oil or coolant

These benefits are nice, but we don’t think they should persuade you into purchasing a vehicle service contract. You should base your decision on cost and coverage, not perks.

When it comes to the cost of the Kia extended protection plan, your quoted price will be unique. We can’t cover prices in our Kia extended warranty review. This is because, as we highlighted in a previous post, the price of a vehicle service contract varies from car to car. The price is generated based on your VIN and mileage, so no two cars will have the same coverage costs.

Kia’s extended warranties are fully transferable. They do not say that there is a fee for transfer. Even if there is a transfer fee, being able to transfer your warranty will greatly increase your resale value down the road.

So is a Kia extended warranty worth it? We’d say it’s worth getting a quote and comparing your cost and coverage with other vendors. They have great coverage and flexible term lengths, which makes their program worthwhile.

Kia Factory Extended Warranty vs. Third-Party Extended Warranty

Third-party extended warranties often mimic the coverage of an automaker’s warranties. You’ll have to carefully examine the covered components of an automaker’s warranty against a third-party warranty to determine if there are any differences.

However, there is one difference that might be a deal-breaker:  Where you can have your car repaired. With a Kia extended warranty, your vehicle must be repaired at a Kia dealership. With a third-party warranty, you have your choice of any licensed repair facility. You can likely take your car to your favorite mechanic down the street if you go with a third-party warranty.

Some car owners prefer to have their repairs done at a dealership anyway, so this difference might not matter. It does, however, come into play if you break down on a road trip and can’t get to a dealership. You might end up having to pay for all of the repairs yourself with a Kia extended warranty, whereas a third-party warranty may cover it entirely.

What is Covered Under a Pre-Owned Kia Extended Warranty?

Kia does not make any special mention of certified pre-owned vehicles anywhere in their extended warranty package. However, they do say that this warranty is only available for “eligible used vehicles.” We don’t know if this means a Kia certified pre-owned vehicle has a better chance of being eligible than a standard used car, but it definitely could.

If you own or are thinking of buying a Kia CPO vehicle, you should clarify whether or not a CPO is typically eligible for the Kia extended warranty.

Do We Recommend a Kia Vehicle Service Contract?

What’s the final conclusion to our Kia extended warranty review? We do recommend the Kia vehicle service contract. There are no surprises and nothing that makes it unique, and we’ll call that a good thing. We like that there are five tiers of coverage options and that buyers get a choice of term limits, which means that you can tailor a plan to your specific needs.

If you’re looking for another option, we offer vehicle service contracts through our third-party vendors. Our reputable vendors have transparent pricing and clearly stated coverage. We even offer free consultation calls to help you choose between warranties (even if you don’t select our option!). Reach out to us today to request a quote and to schedule your consultation.

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  1. Jolene woodruff

    I need an advocate. Hoe can kia refuse to fix a cracked block at 90000 miles. I’m screwed.


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