USAA’s Car Buying Service Has Ended. Here Are 3 Alternatives

Key Takeaways

  • USAA officially ended their car buying program in 2022
  • CarEdge, Costco, and Navy Federal offer the best car concierges today
  • Major differences between the three cater to different buyers

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Last updated Jun 20, 2024

In 2022, USAA discontinued their renowned car buying service, leaving many members searching for alternative solutions. First announced in 2020, the changes brought an end to the popular service and TrueCar partnership. So, what are the best alternatives to USAA’s car buying service? We’ll explore three top car concierge services available in 2024.

#1 CarEdge

CareEdge car buying service comparison

CarEdge is known for pro-consumer car buying services that take the hassle out of getting a new ride. Many past customers say that CarEdge Concierge is the easiest way to buy a car in 2024.


  • Your personal Concierge listens to your needs, finds the perfect car, and negotiates on your behalf
  • Customers save $3,000 on average with expert negotiation
  • Home delivery is available
  • 5-star Google reviews
  • Independent from car dealers and auto manufacturers


  • The service costs $999, and shipping costs vary by distance
  • Rare, limited production models are not yet serviced
  • Not yet available in Alaska or Hawaii

Learn more about CarEdge Concierge’s car buying service

#2 Navy Federal Car Buying Service

Navy Federal car buying service comparison

Members of Navy Federal Credit Union have access to a TrueCar–powered online car search that features upfront pricing. This is a good option for veterans, service members, and their families. However, Navy Federal’s car buying service lacks personalized service and negotiability.


  • Free with Navy Federal Credit Union membership. Members must have a connection to the armed forces. 
  • Convenient online car search and upfront pricing.


  • Limited to TrueCar Certified Dealers
  • No personal Concierge or customer advocate
  • Dealership visits required in most cases

Learn more about this program, and see how Navy Federal compares to CarEdge

#3 Costco Auto Program

Costco Auto Program comparison

Although Costco is paid by participating dealers, members get access to a trusted dealer network. However, some complain of the usual dealership hassles.


  • Included with Costco membership
  • Pre-approved dealer network
  • Trade-in assistance


  • Buyers still negotiate at the dealership
  • No personal Concierge or customer advocate
  • Costco is paid by participating dealers

Learn more about the Costco Auto Program, and see how Costco compares to CarEdge

The Best Car Buying Services Offer Unique Strengths

By comparing these alternatives to the USAA car buying service, you can find the best car buying service that fits your needs. Car buyers looking for personalized, pro-consumer service from an experienced Concierge should look no further than CarEdge. Veterans and service members have access to Navy Federal’s car buying service. Costco members might want to consider the wholesaler’s Auto Program but should understand its limitations. No matter which route you choose, the great news is that it’s easier than ever before to come out on top with a car buying service. 


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