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Last updated Nov 8, 2023
CarEdge dealer ratings

Buying from a dealership can be a stressful, painful experience in 2023. If you’re on the hunt for a good deal, chances are you have experienced this frustration firsthand. 

What if there was a way to rate and review car dealers so that buyers can cut through the clutter (and rip-offs) and reward honest, fair dealers with their business? The CarEdge team saw the need for a one-stop shop for dealer reviews, so we made it a reality. We’re thrilled to introduce CarEdge Dealer Reviews.

CarEdge Dealer Reviews Uses Crowdsourcing to Empower Car Buyers

With thousands of dealer and deal reviews and counting, consumers are eager to have their voices heard, and even more determined to help others navigate today’s hectic car buying process. 

When submitting your own dealer rating, CarEdge’s Dealer Reviews will ask basic questions about the vehicle you’ve purchased. In addition to sharing the make and model of your new auto, you can tell the world if the dealer is charging above MSRP, requiring dealer add-ons, and simply treating customers with respect and good business practices. 

With your contributions, we hope that CarEdge Dealer Reviews will help car buyers feel in control of their next vehicle purchase. 

Dealer Ratings Are Vetted by the CarEdge Team

CarEdge Dealer Reviews

At CarEdge, we value honesty and transparency. There’s no room for ‘sponsored reviews’ or hidden agendas, we all know there’s an abundance of misleading advertising already out there. That’s why CarEdge fully vets every dealer review that is submitted. Thank you for putting your trust in CarEdge’s consumer advocates.

Recently Bought a Car? Add Your Review at CarEdge Dealer Reviews

car dealership reviews

We make it easy for you to have your voice heard, and to make a difference in the car buying experience.

Did you have a great experience buying your car? Or maybe you’ve had a disappointing experience, and you want to warn others. Please, share your experience with the community. Add your own dealer rating today!

Looking For an Honest Dealer To Give Your Business To? 

CarEdge Dealer Reviews takes the guesswork out of the dealership experience. Check out our growing database of dealer reviews to see the good, the bad, and the ugly! More auto dealers are added to our reviews daily. 

If you’re just as excited as we are about this, consider joining the CarEdge Community to access countless car buying tips from veterans of the auto industry, as well as over 100,000 members who’ve joined together to empower the consumer and spread love for autos.

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