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Last updated Jan 30, 2024

Drivers despise haggling with salespeople. From bait-and-switch pricing to misleading online prices, there’s a lot to dislike about the whole experience. It’s no surprise that just 26% of car buyers think that the car buying process is transparent. In the age of online shopping, wouldn’t it make sense to buy your next car online? Today, there’s a better way to find the perfect vehicle at the right price. Here’s how CarEdge is taking no-haggle car buying to the next level.

No-Haggle Pricing + Home Delivery? It’s Here.

Price transparency is a real problem in car buying. We hear horror stories from car shoppers all the time. It’s about time that someone did something about it. Here at CarEdge, our team set out to find a lasting solution to car buying woes. The result was the launch of a new way to buy a car: pre-negotiated, no-haggle car pricing through a network of vetted car dealers. 

By choosing to only work with honest car dealers with stellar reputations, CarEdge is changing the way Americans buy cars. Imagine this: you browse for cars online, find the vehicle you want at a price you’re happy with, and then connect with your personal Concierge who will take it from there. Days later, your car is delivered to your driveway.

How does CarEdge work? Is there a catch? Next, we’ll lay out the entire process, from start to finish.

How CarEdge Works

CarEdge How It Works

Buying a car through CarEdge involves a stress-free process that’s managed entirely from the comfort of your home. Here’s an overview of how it works:

  1. Initial Consultation: Find a car, or reach out to our team for help. When you’re ready, we’ll start with a phone call to discuss your preferences and budget. Zero pressure, no gimmicks. Best of all, no-haggling.
  2. Vehicle Selection: CarEdge will locate the best vehicle that fits your needs. Want options? No problem. You have the final say on everything.
  3. Dealer Communication: CarEdge handles all interactions with the dealership, including negotiations. Never deal with a salesperson, period!
  4. Transparent Pricing: Your CarEdge Concierge ensures that the price is fair without hidden fees or unnecessary add-ons. 
  5. Home Delivery: The car is delivered directly to your door. Congratulations! You just bought a car without stepping foot in a dealership.

👉 For more information, visit CarEdge’s How It Works page.

CarEdge Reviews

CarEdge Google ratings

On average, drivers who buy with CarEdge save a few thousand dollars on their new car. In many cases, CarEdge is able to source the exact vehicle a customer wants (make, model, year, trim, and even color), for thousands of dollars less than you’ll find elsewhere. CarEdge even has  below-invoice deals (that’s far below MSRP!). 

We welcome you to browse hundreds of real, unfiltered CarEdge reviews at the CarEdge Community Forum. See how much you could save in time, money, and hassle!

👉 See CarEdge Reviews

Have Questions? Reach out!

Got questions or want more information about  no-haggle car buying with CarEdge? Simply want to talk to our team of experts? We’re here to help! We’re real people here to save you real money. Feel free to reach out to us at concierge@caredge.com with any inquiries or for further assistance. 

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