Q1 2023 New Car Sales on the Road to Recovery

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Last updated Apr 24, 2023

As we navigate the new year, the automotive industry is showing signs of recovery, with new car sales expected to lift slightly in Q1 2023. In a recent press release, automotive research firm Edmunds shared its predictions for the industry, highlighting the potential for growth in sales volume. We’ll dive into the key findings from the press release, and summarize the standout data to provide a clear outlook on what’s in store for the car market.

New Car Sales in 2023: Edmunds’ Predictions

According to Edmunds, new vehicle sales in the first quarter of 2023 are expected to reach approximately 3.9 million units, a 0.6% increase compared to Q1 2022. This growth is an encouraging sign for the automotive industry, which has faced numerous challenges over the past couple of years, including supply chain disruptions, inventory shortages, and fluctuating consumer demand.

New Vehicle Sales by Segment

2023 new car sales show steady popularity for SUVs and crossovers
2023 new car sales show steady popularity for SUVs and crossovers

Edmunds’ predictions also shed light on the performance of various vehicle segments in Q1 2023. SUVs and trucks continue to dominate the market, with the SUV segment expected to account for 54.5% of new vehicle sales. Trucks follow closely, comprising 21.7% of the market share, while passenger cars trail behind at 23.8%. This trend highlights the ongoing consumer preference for SUVs and trucks, which offer more space, versatility, and capabilities compared to traditional passenger cars.

Back in 2021, SUVs held 52.5% of U.S. market share, trucks were 23.4%, and sedans were 24.1% of total light-duty sales. As we can see, vehicle sales by segment are holding relatively steady following the rapid rise of crossover SUVs in the past decade.

New Car Market Share by Manufacturer

Edmunds also provides a breakdown of market share by manufacturer, with the top three spots held by General Motors (16.6%), Toyota (14.3%), and Ford (13.5%). These industry giants continue to lead the pack, benefiting from strong brand recognition, diverse vehicle lineups, and loyal customer bases. It’s important to note that these figures could still fluctuate, depending on factors such as production capabilities, consumer demand, and inventory availability.

In Summary: Q1 2023 New Vehicle Sales Predictions

Total Q1 2023 Sales: 3.9 million units (0.6% increase from Q1 2022)

SUVs: 54.5% market share

Trucks: 21.7% market share

Passenger Cars: 23.8% market share

General Motors: 16.6% market share

Toyota: 14.3% market share

Ford: 13.5% market share

The Q1 2023 new vehicle sales predictions from Edmunds paint an optimistic picture for the automotive industry, as sales are expected to lift slightly compared to the previous year. The data also highlights the ongoing dominance of SUVs and trucks in the market, as well as the strong positions held by major manufacturers like General Motors, Toyota, and Ford. As we move further into 2023, it will be interesting to see how these predictions pan out and whether the industry continues on its road to recovery.

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