How To Protect Yourself in Automotive Finance with Randy Henrick | Episode 17

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Last updated Apr 20, 2023

Today on the Auto Insider podcast Randy Henrick, a 30-year expert in consumer protection laws and auto dealer sales and F&I compliance joins the show. Randy has an extensive career as a customer advocate in automotive finance. He worked for 12 years for Dealertrack, Inc. as their regulatory and compliance attorney, wrote all of Dealertrack’s Compliance Guides, and has extensive experience in all aspects of front-end compliance.  Randy spoke at the 2015 – 2020 NADA national conventions and speaks to industry and trade associations on regulatory and compliance best practices for dealer risks.

We’re thrilled to have Randy on the show. Please be sure to go to his website to learn more about Randy and his practice:

One show shote: Randy said under Truth in Lending that if you advertise the APR, you have to give the other terms of credit.  Technically, you can advertise the APR alone (“0% financing available”) and don’t have to give the other terms unless you indicate the payment term (e.g., 60 months) or downpayment or amount of monthly payment.

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