Volkswagen Tiguan Financing

Our Loan Calculator display shows you how your Volkswagen Tiguan loan balance compares to the ongoing value of your vehicle. With financing, you will pay that loan down each month to reduce the balance of your loan. Unfortunately, during this same period, your vehicle's resale value will decline as well. The purpose of this tool is to show you how you can finance your Tiguan to ensure that your loan balance declines faster than the value of your vehicle.

With your results below, the goal is to have the shaded area be entirely green. This likely means that the value of your vehicle will always be greater than your loan balance. If you see yellow or red, your loan balance at some point will be at or above the value of your vehicle. You want to avoid this as we describe here. For the best financial outcome, adjust your loan terms, or choose a vehicle that doesn't depreciate as rapidly.

Volkswagen Tiguan Loan Calculator

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Interest Rate
Credit Score
Loan Period
Sales Tax Rate
Model Year
Expected Annual Mileage
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Projected Resale Value
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Volkswagen Tiguan Projected Resale Value vs Loan Balance

Year Resale Value Loan Balance Difference
0 $22,714 $22,714 $0 (0%)
1 $21,715 $15,499 +$6,216 (29%)
2 $18,599 $7,933 +$10,666 (57%)
3 $16,512 $0 +$16,512 (100%)
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Loan Term 36 Months
APR 4.75%
Paid in Full May, 2024

Monthly Payment


Total Principal $22,714
Total Interest $1,699
Total Cost of Loan $24,413

Volkswagen Tiguan Loan Amortization

Month Interest Principal Balance
Jun, 2021 $89.91 $588.00 $22,126.00
Jul, 2021 $87.58 $591.00 $21,535.00
Aug, 2021 $85.24 $593.00 $20,942.00
Sep, 2021 $82.90 $595.00 $20,347.00
Oct, 2021 $80.54 $598.00 $19,749.00
Nov, 2021 $78.17 $600.00 $19,149.00

This Volkswagen Tiguan is expected to lose $6,202 of its resale value during the 36 months of this loan. Check out our Volkswagen Tiguan Depreciation Calculator for a detailed analysis of the Tiguan's past and expected future depreciation. This user-friendly tool allows you to interactively see how well the Tiguan has, and will continue to, hold its value, during your specific ownership period. It will even suggest to you the best Tiguan model years to buy to get the best value.

Other Volkswagen Tiguan Costs of Ownership

Finding a car or truck that saves on financing costs is important. But, it's also imperative to view all major Volkswagen Tiguan costs. This will ensure that you are finding the vehicle that provides you the best value, at the lowest cost. We've created tools that will also help you to save on the following ownership expenses: