Top 5: Car Warranty Providers with A+ Ratings from BBB in 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Only a select few car warranty companies are A+ rated by BBB
  • Some big names are not recommended due to customer complaints
  • Shop around and read reviews BEFORE buying a dealership warranty

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Last updated Mar 5, 2024

With dozens of car warranty companies on the market today, how do you discern which ones deserve your business? The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating system serves as a beacon of trust and quality in this crowded marketplace, distinguishing the best from the rest. An A+ rating from the BBB not only signifies exceptional business practices but also reflects a company’s commitment to resolving customer complaints.

In this guide, we spotlight the top 5 car warranty providers with A+ Ratings from BBB. These companies have not only earned the highest accolades for their operational excellence but have also demonstrated an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. If you’re considering an extended warranty for your car, these are the car warranty companies you can trust. 

AUL Car Warranties

CarEdge extended warranty reviews

BBB Accredited? Yes! AUL Corporation has been accredited by BBB since 2007.

BBB Rating: A+

Years in business: 33 years

Customer Complaints Resolved in 2023: 69

See BBB’s complete profile of AUL Corporation.

Exclusively through CarEdge, AUL offers extended warranties for your vehicle at a fraction of the cost. With AUL, CarEdge is able to offer the most flexible terms and competitive pricing for comprehensive coverage. Better yet, AUL’s coverage details are not hidden, they’re transparent and easy to understand. See for yourself. 

AUL’s coverage features valuable benefits like flexible repair options, roadside assistance, rental car, towing, key lockout, and even no-hassle cancellation if you have a change of heart. AUL is contractually backed by an “A” rated carrier with over $32 billion in assets, with nearly $1 billion in claims paid to date.

CarEdge’s no-hassle extended warranty products are administered by AUL. After careful consideration, we chose AUL because of the company’s solid reputation and decade-plus in the car warranty business. The Better Business Bureau is known for holding all companies to high standards, and to see AUL earning A+ ratings from the BBB sealed the deal.

Get Your Free Extended Warranty Quote in Minutes with CarEdge


extended warranty company reviews

BBB Accredited? Yes! Carchex has been accredited by BBB since 2009.

BBB Rating: A+

Years in business: 24 years

Customer Complaints Resolved in 2023: 54

See BBB’s complete profile of Carchex.

Carchex offers vehicle protection plans that include benefits such as roadside assistance, towing, and more. Like AUL, they’ve been in the business for decades. Learn more at


toco reviews

BBB Accredited? Yes! Toco Warranty Services has been accredited by BBB since 2014.

BBB Rating: A+

Years in business: 10 years

Customer Complaints Resolved in 2023: 12

See BBB’s complete profile of Toco Warranty Services.

Toco is a relative newcomer to the car warranty industry, but they have earned plenty of fans. Toco’s coverage is based on the vehicle’s mileage, and coverage includes vehicles with up to 250,000 miles on the odometer. Learn more at


autopom reviews

BBB Accredited? Yes! autopom! has been accredited by BBB since 2010.

BBB Rating: A+

Years in business: 14 years

Customer Complaints Resolved in 2023: 3

See BBB’s complete profile of autopom!

autopom! stands for “automotive peace-of-mind”. autopom! is partnered with A+ rated policy administrators and certified repair facilities nationwide. Learn more at

Omega Home and Auto Care

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BBB Accredited? Yes! Omega has been accredited by BBB since 2017.

BBB Rating: A+

Years in business: 10 years

Customer Complaints Resolved in 2023: 30

See BBB’s complete profile of Omega Home and Auto Care.

Omega offers vehicle service contracts, otherwise known as extended warranties, and compliments them with their Omega Maintenance Program. Omega works with RepairPal to find drivers services for their vehicles. Learn more at

What About Endurance?

Unfortunately, Endurance Warranty Services is not BBB accredited, and has a C- rating due to numerous unresolved customer complaints. In 2022, BBB issues an advisory about patterns of complaints, including:

  1. Consumers allege that their claims are being denied for various reasons such as inaccurate mileage, loopholes in coverage, and even “pre-existing conditions”.
  1. Consumers allege long delays with inspection in order to authorize repairs
  2. Consumers allege that they have difficulty canceling their plan/contract
  3. Poor customer service overall due to lack of communication or unable to reach anyone at the company

To see how Endurance Warranty Services has responded to BBB’s list of customer complaints, view their complete profile of the company here.

The Takeaway

In wrapping up our overview of the top 5 car warranty providers with A+ ratings from the BBB, it’s clear that these companies stand in a league of their own. Don’t feel pressured to buy a car dealership’s extended warranty before doing your own research. You DON’T want to end up battling through months of poor customer service or denied claims. 

Each of these A+ car warranty companies has demonstrated a level of excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction that sets them apart from the rest. From AUL‘s long-standing reputation and industry experience to Omega‘s comprehensive care and dedication to resolving customer complaints, these warranty providers prove that it’s possible to find reliable and trustworthy service, even in an industry too often the subject of customer complaints.

Are you on the hunt for a trustworthy, no-hassle car warranty? Get your quote in minutes with CarEdge. Our coverage is administered by AUL, one of the few companies in the industry to earn an A+ rating from the BBB. You’re invited to view all of the coverage details here. Want to speak to someone about coverage, pricing, or other questions? Give us a call at 402.744.6203. We’re here to help!


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