Ranking the Best Cars by Value Rating

The CarEdge Value Rating is determined by using a proprietary algorithm that compares the average purchase price of a new model to its future resale value and ongoing maintenance, repair, and insurance costs. The CarEdge Value Rating provides vehicle shoppers with an unbiased and candid financial assessment of whether a new vehicle model is likely to be a good or bad investment, relative to over 200 other models.

While the CarEdge Value Rating does not measure the qualitative aspects of models, such as ride comfort, styling and handling, a model's resale value will reflect its overall attractiveness in the used vehicle market, which takes into consideration all of these qualities. Importantly, the CarEdge Value Rating does not grade specific trim levels or specific used vehicles, but instead, assesses the model as a whole, and should be used as a guide in which to conduct further research.

New automobiles are rarely money-making investments, but smart vehicle shoppers can minimize their vehicle costs by choosing cars and trucks that better hold their value and are less costly to maintain. Visit our Research pages to learn more about the resale value and costs of the models that interest you.

Cars with the Best Value Ratings

The Best Cars by Value Rating

Rank Model Value Rating
1 Toyota Tundra A+
2 Chevrolet Corvette A+
3 Toyota Tacoma A+
4 Nissan GT-R A+
5 Toyota 4Runner A+
6 Toyota Highlander A+
7 Toyota Land Cruiser A+
8 Toyota Supra A+
9 Mazda MX-5 Miata A+
10 Jeep Wrangler A+
11 Subaru BRZ A+
12 GMC Sierra 1500 A+
13 Toyota Highlander Hybrid A+
14 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 A
15 Toyota RAV4 A
16 Honda Pilot A
17 Toyota Sequoia A
18 Ford F-150 A
19 Toyota Venza A
20 Nissan Titan XD A
21 Nissan Titan A
22 Chevrolet Camaro A
23 Honda CR-V A
24 Toyota Corolla A
25 Nissan 370Z A
26 Dodge Challenger A
27 Honda Clarity A
28 Toyota Sienna A
29 Subaru Impreza A
30 Honda Passport A
31 Ford F-250 Super Duty A-
32 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD A-
33 RAM 2500 A-
34 Subaru Crosstrek A-
35 RAM 3500 A-
36 Jeep Gladiator A-
37 Honda Accord A-
38 Ford Ranger A-
39 Honda Civic A-
40 Nissan Frontier A-
41 Toyota C-HR A-
42 Subaru Ascent A-
43 Honda Insight A-
44 Ford Mustang A-
45 GMC Canyon A-
46 Dodge Durango B+
47 Chevrolet Tahoe B+
48 GMC Sierra 2500HD B+
49 Toyota Camry Hybrid B+
50 Volkswagen Arteon B+
51 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD B+
52 GMC Yukon B+
53 Toyota Avalon B+
54 RAM 1500 B+
55 Mazda 3 B+
56 Chevrolet Colorado B+
57 Volkswagen Atlas B+
58 Subaru Outback B+
59 Subaru Forester B+
60 Ford F-350 Super Duty B+
61 Honda HR-V B+
62 Toyota Camry B
63 MINI Countryman B
64 Toyota Prius B
65 Subaru Legacy B
66 Mazda 6 B
67 Ford Explorer B
68 Mazda CX-5 B
69 Hyundai Palisade B
70 Volkswagen Tiguan B
71 GMC Sierra 3500HD B
72 Volkswagen Jetta B
73 KIA Soul B
74 Hyundai Santa Fe B
75 Volkswagen Passat B
76 MINI Clubman B-
77 Mazda CX-3 B-
78 Mazda CX-9 B-
79 KIA Stinger B-
80 Jeep Renegade B-
81 Chevrolet Suburban B-
82 Hyundai Elantra B-
83 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 B-
84 Mazda CX-30 B-
85 Ford Expedition B-
86 Nissan Rogue B-
87 Dodge Charger C+
88 Hyundai Kona C+
89 Hyundai Tucson C+
90 Nissan Versa C+
91 Jeep Grand Cherokee C+
92 Hyundai Venue C+
93 GMC Savana Cargo C+
94 GMC Terrain C
95 Honda Odyssey C
96 GMC Yukon XL C
97 KIA Optima C
98 KIA K5 C
99 KIA Sportage C
100 Toyota Avalon Hybrid C
101 Ford Edge C
102 KIA Rio 5 C
103 GMC Acadia C
104 KIA Forte C-
105 Chevrolet Blazer C-
106 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport C-
107 Chevrolet Traverse C-
108 Ford Ecosport C-
109 Ford Escape C-
110 Jeep Compass C-
111 Chrysler Pacifica D+
112 Hyundai Accent D+
113 KIA Telluride D+
114 Nissan Murano D+
115 Hyundai Sonata D+
116 KIA Rio D+
117 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross D+
118 Chevrolet Equinox D+
119 Nissan Rogue Sport D+
120 Nissan Maxima D+
121 Nissan Armada D+
122 Honda Ridgeline D
123 Jeep Cherokee D
124 Buick Enclave D
125 Chrysler Voyager D
126 Buick Envision D
127 Nissan Sentra D
128 Nissan Kicks D
129 Buick Encore D
130 Volkswagen Golf GTI D
131 Mitsubishi Outlander D-
132 Chevrolet Malibu D-
133 Chrysler 300 D-
134 Nissan Pathfinder F
135 Nissan Altima F
136 KIA Sorento F
137 Chevrolet Trax F
138 FIAT 500L F
139 KIA Sedona F
140 Hyundai Veloster F
141 Chevrolet Spark F
142 Mitsubishi Mirage F