Ranking the Best Luxury Cars by Value Rating

The CarEdge Value Rating is determined by using a proprietary algorithm that compares the average purchase price of a new model to its future resale value and ongoing maintenance, repair, and insurance costs. The CarEdge Value Rating provides vehicle shoppers with an unbiased and candid financial assessment of whether a new vehicle model is likely to be a good or bad investment, relative to over 200 other models.

While the CarEdge Value Rating does not measure the qualitative aspects of models, such as ride comfort, styling and handling, a model's resale value will reflect its overall attractiveness in the used vehicle market, which takes into consideration all of these qualities. Importantly, the CarEdge Value Rating does not grade specific trim levels or specific used vehicles, but instead, assesses the model as a whole, and should be used as a guide in which to conduct further research.

New automobiles are rarely money-making investments, but smart vehicle shoppers can minimize their vehicle costs by choosing cars and trucks that better hold their value and are less costly to maintain. Visit our Research pages to learn more about the resale value and costs of the models that interest you.

Luxury Cars with the Best Value Ratings

The Best Luxury Cars by Value Rating

Rank Model Value Rating
1 Lexus RX 350 A+
2 Lexus LX 570 A+
3 Mercedes-Benz G-Class A+
4 Lexus ES 350 A+
5 Lexus GS 350 A+
6 Porsche 911 A+
7 Lexus IS 350 A
9 Tesla Model 3 A-
10 Audi TT A-
11 Lexus NX 300 B+
12 Lexus GX 460 B+
13 Acura TLX B+
14 Audi A5 B
15 BMW X7 B
16 Lexus RX 450h B
17 Audi S4 B
18 Tesla Model X B-
19 Audi S5 B-
20 Cadillac Escalade B-
21 Tesla Model S B-
22 BMW M5 B-
23 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class B-
24 Acura RDX B-
25 Porsche 718 Boxster C+
26 Land Rover Range Rover Sport C+
27 Mercedes-Benz E-Class C+
28 Jaguar F-TYPE C+
29 Lincoln Navigator C+
30 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class C+
31 Audi Q8 C+
32 Tesla Model Y C+
33 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class C+
34 Mercedes-Benz S-Class C+
35 Lexus ES 300h C+
36 Audi A4 C+
37 BMW 2 Series C
38 Audi Q3 C
39 Audi A3 C
40 Lincoln Aviator C
41 Cadillac XT5 C
42 Audi SQ5 C
43 BMW X6 M C
44 Audi S6 C
45 Porsche Macan C-
47 Cadillac CT5 C-
48 Lincoln Nautilus C-
49 BMW X6 C-
50 Audi A7 C-
51 BMW 8 Series C-
52 Audi Q5 C-
53 Acura MDX C-
54 Cadillac Escalade ESV C-
55 Cadillac CT4 C-
56 Audi A5 Sportback D+
57 Jaguar F-Pace D+
58 Lincoln Corsair D+
59 Mercedes-Benz A-Class D+
60 Porsche Cayenne D+
61 Volvo XC60 D+
62 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class D+
63 Cadillac XT4 D+
64 Mercedes-Benz C-Class D
65 BMW X3 D
66 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class D
67 BMW X5 D
68 Audi S8 D
69 Porsche Panamera D
71 Land Rover Range Rover Velar D
72 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class D
73 Volvo XC40 D-
74 Volvo XC90 D-
75 Acura ILX D-
76 BMW X2 D-
77 Audi Q7 D-
78 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque D-
80 Land Rover Range Rover D-
81 BMW 5 Series D-
82 Land Rover Discovery D-
83 BMW 4 Series D-
84 Audi A6 D-
85 BMW 3 Series D-
86 Audi A8 D-
87 Volvo S90 F
88 BMW 7 Series F
89 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class F
90 BMW X1 F
91 Jaguar XF F
92 Land Rover Discovery Sport F
93 Volvo V60 F
94 Volvo S60 F
96 BMW Z4 F
97 Volvo V60 Cross Country F