The Most Negotiable Cars and Trucks in New York

Car supply in the state is 9% lower than the national average, indicating a competitive market for buyers


  • Certain car models have particularly high inventory in New York, making them highly negotiable. Luxury cars and Stellantis brands are in greatest supply.
  • New York’s market day supply is below the national average. Drivers in the Empire State may face higher car prices, so if they’re looking for a deal, they should focus on makes and models in oversupply
  • Car buyers can harness the oversupply of specific models to negotiate with leverage. Despite broader market conditions, it’s a buyer’s market if you know where to look.

Finding a great deal on a new car often depends on how much room there is for negotiation based on factors such as supply, demand, and incoming 2025 models. Right now, there’s an 86-day supply of new cars in New York, well below the nationwide average of 93 days of supply, so you need to know where to look to find a deal.

CarEdge, the fastest-growing online car buying service, analyzed the latest new car market numbers, showing market day supply, current lot inventory, sales totals, and selling prices for New York. Among the 170,000 new cars on dealer lots, these are the cars and trucks with the greatest oversupply and therefore the most negotiable prices in New York.

The Most Negotiable Cars in New York

July 2024 CarEdge Study

A critical piece of knowledge when buying a new car is understanding the Market Day Supply (MDS). MDS is a measure of the number of days it would take to sell all of a particular model of car, based on the current sales rate, assuming no additional inventory is added. These car brands have high MDS in New York, suggesting an oversupply, potentially giving buyers leverage for negotiation. Luxury cars and electric vehicles represent the bulk of high-supply cars statewide. Although only the Jeep Gladiator makes the top 10, several other models are close behind, notably the Wrangler, Compass, and Grand Cherokee. Stellantis brands have been slow sellers for much of the past year, and that continues today.

These are the 10 most negotiable new cars in New York right now.

#1 Acura ZDX

Market Day Supply: 568 days (576% above average)

Total For Sale in NY: 240

Total Sold (Past 45 Days): 19

Average Selling Price: $70,450

See Acura ZDX listings with local market data

#2 Jaguar XF

2024 Jaguar XF NY car deals

Market Day Supply: 484 days (476% above average)

Total For Sale in NY: 43

Total Sold (Past 45 Days): 4

Average Selling Price: $58,406

See Jaguar XF listings with local market data

#3 Land Rover Discovery

Market Day Supply: 388 days (362% above average)

Total For Sale in NY: 112

Total Sold (Past 45 Days): 13

Average Selling Price: $72,563

See Land Rover Discovery listings with local market data

#4 Volvo C40

NY Volvo deals

Market Day Supply: 343 days (308% above average)

Total For Sale: 61

Total Sold (Past 45 Days): 8

Average Selling Price: $59,994

See Volvo C40 listings with local market data

#5 Jaguar F-PACE

Market Day Supply: 278 days (231% above average)

Total For Sale: 105

Total Sold (Past 45 Days): 17

Average Selling Price: $71,860

See Jaguar F-PACE listings with local market data

#6 Jeep Gladiator

Market Day Supply: 253 days (201% above average)

Total For Sale: 556

Total Sold (Past 45 Days): 99

Average Selling Price: $53,516

See Jeep Gladiator listings with local market data

#7 Dodge Durango

Market Day Supply: 238 days (183% above average)

Total For Sale: 1,195

Total Sold (Past 45 Days): 226

Average Selling Price: $57,557

See Dodge Durango listings with local market data

#8 Audi Q4 e-tron

Market Day Supply: 233 days (177% above average)

Total For Sale: 124

Total Sold (Past 45 Days): 24

Average Selling Price: $63,439

See Audi Q4 e-tron listings with local market data

#9 Nissan Murano

Market Day Supply: 232 days (176% above average)

Total For Sale: 640

Total Sold (Past 45 Days): 124

Average Selling Price: $44,570

See Nissan Murano listings with local market data

#10 Lincoln Navigator

Market Day Supply: 220 days (162% above average)

Total For Sale: 376

Total Sold (Past 45 Days): 77

Average Selling Price: $104,745

See Lincoln Navigator listings with local market data

How Does the New York Car Market Compare?

New York car market update 2024

The New York car market has a market day supply (MDS) of 86 days, which is below the national average of 93 days. Despite this, there is still an oversupply of new cars and trucks in New York. Historically, new car inventory averages around 60 days of supply. This makes it a favorable market for buyers, especially for those looking to negotiate on models with the greatest oversupply.

Here’s how New York compares to the rest of the nation in terms of new car supply:

NY car deals 2024

States in the deep south and Mid-Atlantic regions have less supply, and therefore less negotiable car prices overall. The best car deals in America are likely to be found in states like Delaware, Vermont, Hawaii, and the Great Plains, where new car inventory has soared 50% higher than the national average. 

For New Yorkers, one noteworthy fact stands out: all surrounding states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic have higher new car inventory than NY, and as a result, it may make sense to travel beyond state lines for a better deal. This is especially true when shopping for an in-demand make or model. Popular offerings from Toyota, Honda, and Subaru would likely be more negotiable in Connecticut or Pennsylvania, for example. Simply put, New York has the least negotiable car market in the Northeast. 

Learn more about buying a car in another state. 

Fortunately, new tools exist to keep new car buyers in the driver’s seat of their deal. CarEdge co-founder Ray Shefska highlights how leveraging data is a recent gamechanger. “Unlike years past, today’s car buyers have access to local market data that used to be reserved for the car dealers themselves. CarEdge Insights brings this power to the people in a big way. Despite falling below the US as a whole, there remains an oversupply of new cars in New York. However, if you’re not interested in one of these more negotiable models, traveling out of state could get you a better deal. With big differences in the car market from one area code to the next, it’s a good time to negotiate with the local car market data in your toolkit.”

Looking for fairness, transparency, and efficiency when you buy your next vehicle? Our car buying experts can do it for you with CarEdge Concierge. CarEdge can source from anywhere in the country to find the right vehicle for you. 


CarEdge analyzed over 170,000 New York new car listings from June 2024. Model years 2022-2024 were included, and used car listings were excluded. For each make and model, market day supply, total for sale, total sold (most recent 45 days), and mean selling price were determined. Auto market data was sourced via CarEdge’s partnership with MarketCheck. Please note that inventory and selling price data for direct-to-consumer automakers such as Tesla, Rivian, and Lucid are not publicly available and were therefore excluded from this analysis.

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