The Most Negotiable Cars and Trucks in Illinois

Car supply is high in states adjacent to Illinois, giving negotiation leverage to consumers


  • Certain car models have particularly high inventory in Illinois, making them highly negotiable.
  • While Illinois’ new car supply is just slightly above the national average, neighboring states like Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Missouri have even higher inventories.
  • Car buyers in Illinois can leverage the oversupply of specific models to negotiate better deals. It’s a buyer’s market if you know where to look.

Finding a great deal on a new car often depends on how much room there is for negotiation. In Illinois, certain models tend to have more negotiable prices due to factors such as supply, demand, and incoming 2025 models. Right now, there’s a 94-day supply of new cars in the Land of Lincoln, just above the nationwide average of 93 days of supply. 

CarEdge, the fastest growing online car buying service, analyzed the latest new car market numbers, showing the market day supply, current lot inventory, sales totals, and selling prices, all for Illinois. Among the 106,000 new cars on dealer lots, these are the cars and trucks with the greatest oversupply, and therefore, the most negotiable prices in Illinois.

The Most Negotiable Cars in Illinois

June 2024 CarEdge Study

A critical piece of knowledge when buying a new car is understanding the market day supply (MDS). MDS is a measure of the number of days it would take to sell all of a particular model of car, based on the current sales rate, assuming no additional inventory is added. These car brands have high MDS in Illinois, suggesting an oversupply, potentially giving buyers leverage for negotiation. There’s a mix of trucks, sedans, SUVs and minivans with high MDS, indicating that there’s opportunity for consumers to get a good deal on a variety of different car classifications. 

#1 Dodge Hornet

Market Day Supply: 652 days (593% above average)

Total For Sale: 667

Total Sold (Past 45 Days): 46

Average Selling Price: $39,266

See Dodge Hornet listings with local market data

#2 Ram 2500

Market Day Supply: 303 days (222% above average)

Total For Sale: 1,381

Total Sold (Past 45 Days): 205

Average Selling Price: $66,223

See Ram 2500 listings with local market data

#3 Dodge Durango

Market Day Supply: 221 days (135% above average)

Total For Sale: 851

Total Sold (Past 45 Days): 173

Average Selling Price: $62,734

See Dodge Durango listings with local market data

#4 Jeep Compass

Market Day Supply: 195 days (107% above average)

Total For Sale: 1,752

Total Sold (Past 45 Days): 404

Average Selling Price: $33,641

See Jeep Compass listings with local market data

#5 Ford Edge

Market Day Supply: 187 days (99% above average)

Total For Sale: 1,149

Total Sold (Past 45 Days): 277

Average Selling Price: $44,002

See Ford Edge listings with local market data

#6 Chrysler Pacifica

Market Day Supply: 179 days (90% above average)

Total For Sale: 1,014

Total Sold (Past 45 Days): 255

Average Selling Price: $48,802

See Chrysler Pacifica listings with local market data

#7 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Market Day Supply: 179 days (90% above average)

Total For Sale: 1,077

Total Sold (Past 45 Days): 271

Average Selling Price: $70,884

See Ford F-250 Super Duty listings with local market data

#8 Volkswagen Jetta

Market Day Supply: 172 days (83% above average)

Total For Sale: 957

Total Sold (Past 45 Days): 250

Average Selling Price: $26,613

See Volkswagen Jetta listings with local market data

#9 Cadillac Lyriq

Market Day Supply: 171 days (82% above average)

Total For Sale: 575

Total Sold (Past 45 Days): 151

Average Selling Price: $69,998

See Cadillac Lyriq listings with local market data

#10 Ford Mustang Mach-E

Market Day Supply: 156 days (66% above average)

Total For Sale: 685

Total Sold (Past 45 Days): 197

Average Selling Price: $51,763

See Ford Mustang Mach-E listings with local market data

How Does the Illinois Car Market Compare?

The Illinois car market, with a market day supply (MDS) of 94 days, is just a hair above the national average of 93 days. This indicates a relatively balanced supply of new cars and trucks compared to many other states. But make no mistake: with the sweet spot average for dealers being closer to 60 days on hand and new car inventory rising by the day, it’s a favorable market for buyers, especially for those interested in the most negotiable models. 

Here’s how Illinois compares to the rest of the nation in terms of new car supply:

States in the deep south and Mid-Atlantic regions have less supply, and therefore less negotiable car prices overall. The best deals are likely to be found in states like Delaware, Vermont, Hawaii, and the entire upper Midwest, where new car inventory has soared 50% higher than the national average. 

The neighboring states of Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri all have higher new car inventory than Illinois. Car buyers may want to consider hunting for deals in these states if a serious bargain is what you’re after. This is especially true if your make and model is not on this list, and may be in tight supply.

CarEdge co-founder Ray Shefksa notes that for some car buyers, calling around could pay off. “By contacting dealers in neighboring states with higher inventory levels, buyers may secure even bigger discounts. Always make sure to get the out-the-door price in writing, even when talking to salespeople over the phone. They can always email it to you. Better yet, you can use out-of-state offers as leverage to get a better price from your in-state dealer where you prefer to purchase from.”

Indiana is the only neighboring state to fare worse in terms of negotiability. Depending on the make and model you’re in the market for, some car buyers may find themselves searching beyond Illinois borders for the best deal. Learn more about buying a car in another state, a service offered by CarEdge Concierge

It’s a Buyer’s Market in Illinois

Navigating the new car market in Illinois can be made easier by focusing on the most negotiable models. Our analysis, backed by the latest data from CarEdge Insights, highlights that vehicles like the Dodge Hornet, Ram 2500, and Ford Edge, among others, have the highest oversupply in the state. This surplus provides significant negotiation opportunities for smart buyers. By targeting these models, you can leverage market conditions to get the best deals. 

Looking for fairness, transparency, and efficiency when you buy your next vehicle? Our car buying experts can do it for you with CarEdge Concierge. CarEdge can source from anywhere in the country to find the right vehicle for you. 


CarEdge analyzed over 120,000 Illinois new car listings from June 2024. Model years 2022-2024 were included, and used car listings were excluded. For each make and model, market day supply, total for sale, total sold (most recent 45 days), and mean selling price were determined. Auto market data was sourced via CarEdge’s partnership with MarketCheck. Please note that inventory and selling price data for direct-to-consumer automakers such as Tesla, Rivian, and Lucid are not publicly available and were therefore excluded from this analysis.

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